10 Journals from Latinx-Owned Brands to Keep You Motivated

You may or not have made a new year's resolutions but either way staying motivated is always a goal and journaling can help with that


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You may or not have made a new year’s resolutions but either way staying motivated is always a goal and journaling can help with that. If you want to start 2022 off with clear goals and intentions for yourself, getting a journal is the first step. Not only will it help you reach your goals for the year but it will allow you to simply jot down thoughts or daily reflections. Jen Zeano Designs has a cute, pink Vibras Bonitas journal that will keep you on track and Hija de tu Madre helps you collect your jefa moves in their vibrant, red journal. Check out these 10 journals from Latinx-owned brands to find the one that keeps you feeling like the poderosa you are.


Book of Jefa Moves Journal – Hija de tu Madre


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This beautiful leather bound journal and simplistic in its inspiring message that’s mean to be a collection of your jefa moves. The journal is college rule and features pockets inside perfect to hold additional notes, tickets, or any other key items you want to keep organized. Make those jefas moves!

Book of Jefa Moves Journal, $27, available at hijadetumadre.com


Vibras Bonitas Journal – Jen Zeano Designs


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If you’re more into having a journal to help you stay motivated and maybe just to fill up with affirmations this Vibras Bonitas journal from JZD is the one. It’s perfect for jotting down your favorite affirmations or quotes so you have a journal that solely for motivation words.

Vibras Bonitas Journal, $24, available at shopjzd.com


Chingona Pocket Sized Journal – MISfitted


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Are you a chingona on-the-go? This pocket sized journal has got you covered. This is perfect if you are one of those people who always need to write down a quick reminder or note for later. The journal fits right in your purse or pocket so it’s super easy to carry around for those moments when you need a little pick-me-up.

Chingona Pocket Sized Journal, $7, available at etsy.com


Chica Bien Lista Journal – Chica Merch


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If you prefer to bullet journal your way through 2022 then this Chica Bien Lista journal is perfect for you. Make shopping lists, notes for school, or just write down your thoughts. The simple cover sends a strong message and will make you proud to carry it with you throughout your day.

Chica Bien Lista Journal, $27.46, available at etsy.com


Carajo Journal – Dos Estrellas


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We’re all busy between Zoom calls, checking social media, and life in general so this fun notebook reflects those moments of chaos. This can be used for daily tasks, important reminders, and any fun notes you can reserve for this stylish journal.

Carajo Journal, $20, available at etsy.com


Querer Es Poder Journal – Mujeres On The Rise


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The Querer Es Poder journal will help you organize your goals, milestones, or daily tasks and since Mujeres on the Rise aims to encourage Latinx women to pursue their career and lifestyle dreams this journal will make your goals more meaningful and manageable.

Querer Es Poder Journal, $16, available at etsy.com


Chingona Journal – Comadre Culture


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With over 100 pages, this journal is great for your creative thoughts and goal-setting or scheduling. Just take one look at the cover and remind yourself that you are, in fact, a chingona who is going to start 2022 off right with big dreams and focus.

Chingona Journal, $17.99, available at etsy.com


La Mera Mera Pocket Journal – Que Party Tan Fancy


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La Mera Mera pocket journal  will help you achieve your daily goals and plan for a better tomorrow. Jot down notes of gratitude, reflection, or simply set daily intentions. Other titles include Ponte las Pilas and Chingona so you can find the title that inspires you the most.

La Mera Mera Pocket Journal, $5.97, available at etsy.com


Soy Fuerte Soy Mujer Soy Latina Journal by Mi Tierra Creative


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Make your dreams shine this year with the Soy Fuerte Soy Mujer Soy Latina journal from Mi Tierra Creative. Practice gratitude or write down your wellness goals. If you join for Mi Tierra Creative’s email list you’ll even get 30% off your order!

Soy Fuerte Soy Mujer Soy Latina Journal, $14.99, available at etsy.com


Amber Mija You Got This Journal by Hola Mijas Bonitas


Image: holamijasbonitas.shop

The Hola Mijas Bonitas Ambre Mija You Got This journal gives you the perfect setup for bullet journaling. Write down your goals, accomplishments, or just doodle! The cute image and encouraging message on the cover will help get your 2022 off to a great start.

Ambre Mija You Got This Journal, $12.99, available at holamijasbonitas.shop

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