Happy Birthday, Juan Gabriel! Here’s His 7 Best Musical Vintage Videos

Two years ago, we tragically lost Mexican beloved singer Juan Gabriel

Photo: Flickr/Julio Enriquez

Photo: Flickr/Julio Enriquez

Two years ago, we tragically lost Mexican beloved singer Juan Gabriel. Today would have been his 69th birthday, but perhaps it still is. There is actual speculation that JuanGa is very much alive thanks to rumors launched by his ex-manager Joaquín Muñoz. Last month he said that Juan Gabriel would appear in front of audiences on December 15. Well that day came and went and we had no sight of the legendary singer.

Now Muñoz is clarifying his statements. During an appearance on Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo on December 14, he said that the singer would appear live from the 15th onward. “I never said that he would appear on the 15th. [I said we can expect his return] from the 15th on…Most likely the 7th of January, which is his birthday. Muñoz went on to say that Juan Gabriel “told him he may reappear if an official International Day of Juan Gabriel is declared on the 7th, since there isn’t one in Mexico.”

That means he may appear alive TODAY!!!

Juan Gabriel’s Official Facebook page is still very much active, and has been posting since last month.

On December 31 the page stated: “Today, the brightness and prosperity of a new beginning flood your homes with love, faith, and above all, a lot of good health. Congratulations on having a Happy New Year in the company of all your loved ones. The second read, “Life gives us the opportunity to improve ourselves and if we become great, then we will never die. #JuanGabriel #PorLosSiglos.”

So today could be the day. Even if JuanGa doesn’t appear in anyway on a stage or in a video, or via a hologram, we will always have him in our hearts. So with that, we are celebrating him today, on his 69th birthday by honoring his most coolest vintage video moments ever.


“No Tengo Dinero” (1972)


“Querida” (1984)



“Yo No Naci Para Amar” (1980)


“Dejame Vivir” (1985)


“El Noa Noa” (1980)



“No Vale La Pena” (1983)



“Caray” (1983)

Happy Birthday, JuanGa!

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