Julia Salazar’s Inconsistencies Will Likely Hurt Her On Election Day

Julia Salazar could have made it to the U

Photo: Instagram/senatorjuliasalazar

Photo: Instagram/senatorjuliasalazar

Julia Salazar could have made it to the U.S. Senate. With endorsements by primary election winner Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cynthia Nixon who is running for New York Governor, Salazar had a clear shot to beat democratic incumbent Martin Dilan for  Brooklyn’s 18th Senate District, but now her chances look very bad. She hasn’t lost the primary election, which takes place tomorrow, Sept. 13, however, after more inconsistencies have been revealed about her past,  it’ll be pretty hard for voters to feel as if they can trust her.

The 27-year-old Latina, who is running as a democratic socialist just like pal Ocasio-Cortez, seems to have gotten several stories mixed up — or at least that’s how it appears as she is making several clarifications lately about her past. According to Rolling Stone, Salazar is in the middle of five scandals in five months. While it’s not uncommon for political candidates to face scandals during their elections, for Salazar it’s quite different. She’s a newcomer to the political forum, which means you are running based not on what you have done politically, but what you have done in your life thus far.

She had previously said that she was a graduate of Columbia University, which she later clarified and said she had attended school there, but never graduated and wasn’t intending to. She also said she was an immigrant that grew up in a working class environment, but as it turns out her father is naturalized citizen from Colombia who actually left her almost $700,000 in a trust fund. She was also previously a Republican, and while it’s totally okay to change parties, Salazar’s views and affiliations were anything but democratic. While in college, Salazar led a pro-life group and admits that she had conservative views back then. She’s also had a messy legal back-and-forth with former New York Mets player Keith Hernandez and his ex-wife.

Yesterday, Salazar, tweeted that she is a survivor of sexual assault. She outed her assaulter as Israeli prime minister’s spokesman David Keyes.


That kind of accusation shouldn’t put her in jeopardy for her election. However, it’s another footnote to her already complicated campaign.  We’re just wondering if her background as a Latina, and a democratic socialist will be enough to get her closer to that senate seat tomorrow.

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