July’s Full Buck Moon and Lunar Eclipse Encourages Our Divine Masculine Energy

Ready to rewrite your subconscious soul patterns and rise above with a newfound sense of ambition, divine purpose, and self-respect? In short, you will find yourself no longer willing to easily give your power away

Art by Johanna Ferreira

Art by Johanna Ferreira

Ready to rewrite your subconscious soul patterns and rise above with a newfound sense of ambition, divine purpose, and self-respect? In short, you will find yourself no longer willing to easily give your power away. Yet, you’ll be ready to release any power struggles you might have been harboring for far too long. Sounds like a cosmic paradox, doesn’t it? That’s because the full moon on July 16th is the expiration date, we’ve all been unconsciously waiting for.

This partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn will assist the collective with rising above soul patterns of victim mentality behaviors through our divine masculine energy, all while being hyper-focused on shifting goals via a mature perspective.

Before I get too deep… Let’s cover the basics.

Every full moon is an opportunity for energetic culmination in our lives. Meaning, it is a time of harvest and a time of completion. Think of this full moon in Capricorn on July 16th as a graduation, a personal ceremony for yourself that will help you learn to let go of habits that are no longer serving your life’s purpose. Capricorn is very much an influence on how we perceive our recognition, stability, and success. You might find yourself undergoing an awakening and will likely decide that the way you have been doing something for quite a while just isn’t cutting it for you anymore. Be open to receiving intuitive insight in the areas of personal legacy, profession, and public perception.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, which makes him the main energetic influence this full moon. He’s known as “The Loving Stern Father” within Astrology, in my humble opinion. Don’t be surprised if power struggle dynamics among father figures or individuals with authority make an appearance for you to reassess. This is the universe divinely setting up a shift in your way of setting boundaries and proclaiming your self-respect. Get ready to take center stage with your divine masculine energy with this “Buck Moon” (yeah, that’s Luna’s nickname this lunar cycle). Not entirely sure what I’m talking about? No worries. Regardless of your gender association, every human embodies the duality of the divine feminine energy and divine masculine energy. Yes, also known as your Yin and Yang – derived from Chinse philosophy. Our divine masculine energy is responsible for setting things into motion: ambition, competitiveness, drive, and ego. Capricorn’s energy is very much associated with those complexities of your personality. 

This partial lunar eclipse is the final of this year. Eclipses are extremely potent because they offer you six months’ worth of lasting influence as opposed to “regular” full moons that only provide two months’ worth of impact. The inner work you apply and reap from the “Buck Moon” will provide you with profound impact in how you shift your relationship with your personal divine masculine energy and tolerate that of others in your interpersonal relationships.

Now back to business…

July 16th will vibrate under the Numerology of eight. This vibration pairs nicely with Luna’s dance in Capricorn because it provides the warrior drum of a melodic beat for you to stick to your vision with persistence. Eight is a number of profound manifesting abilities with strong accents of prosperity. What does that mean for you? Well, you have the cosmic gateway these next six months to march to the beat of a new drum. This will be a time of new opportunities for you to seek and lock-in. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want with this eight numerology vibrational energy. The time is now. 

You could find yourself being overly stimulated in your new pursuits because you’ll be very busy in your self-discovery process with your newfound sense of self-worth, self-respect, and respect for the way you interact with those in your life. Not only that aspect, but you will have so much inspiration with this full moon in Capricorn to really apply yourself in your profession and personal goals. This means you will be divine masculine heavy with your energy. I recommend you work with Shiva Lingam crystal stone as pictured below. This is a stone known as the “cosmic egg” and represents the balance between the divine feminine and divine masculine energies. Work with this stone for intention setting over the course of the next six months, as it will assist you with the discipline to be balanced, yet still, provide you with enough determination to amplify your motivational outlook on life.

A second stone to carry and work with this partial lunar eclipse is crystal quartz, which you can see below from my personal collection as well. Crystal quartz is the ultimate manifesting crystal we can have the pleasure of working with. Utilize crystal quartz to gain clarity and insight this full moon. You will need to be as balanced as possible, hence the Shiva Lingam, but Crystal Quartz balances all chakras within our personal chakra system. I recommend meditating with Crystal Quartz this upcoming full moon on July 16th to see what intuitive messages you receive from your higher self that you can tap into as you transition into letting go of things that are no longer serving you this eclipse season.

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