June’s Full Moon Rituals You Didn’t Know You Needed

No Full Moon is the same, as is the case for this month’s full moon on June 17

Art by Esoteric Esa

Art by Esoteric Esa

No Full Moon is the same, as is the case for this month’s full moon on June 17.  If you’ve ever wanted to incorporate the Mayan Galactic Calendar and the 13 Moon Cycles along with Western Astrology to truly understand the overall encompassing cosmic theme of the moon phases, well then you’ve come to the right place.

Intuitive Mystic, Conscious Content Creator, and Numerologist Esoteric Esa focuses on just that. Esa says that in the Mayan Galactic calendar this moon will be under the Blue Magnetic Eagle energy, which works effortlessly with Sagittarius’ energy of gaining clarity, vision, attracting the bigger picture, expanding, and reaching new heights from your soul’s growth.

Expect this Full Moon to bring about some creativity, especially since we have the Sun in Gemini in the sky at the moment.

“This Full Moon we will be closing out all the energy we have been working with since the last solar eclipse. This full moon is crucial because we should be harvesting our labors by now on things we’ve set into motion before we begin our next Mercury Retrograde in July,” says this West Coast-based bruja.

In other words, the energy behind this full moon will focus on seeing things from a higher perspective.

“Emotionally, this particular full moon will have you ‘going within’ and exploring your intuition. You might be stuck in your head a lot during this full moon because it will influence you to do a lot re-evaluating, spark new creative ideas, and communicate with your higher self through your mind to gain a better sense of purpose,” Esa stresses.

With each Full Moon is an opportunity to assess your rituals and make sure they speak to you because that is the only way it will work. Your intention is everything. When you start to embrace your spirituality you will notice that other parts of your life will need the same kind of nurturing. You can accomplish quite a bit with small but impactful steps so you can vibrate higher. Which is why it’s important to take note of another spirit around this time of the month — alcohol, Esa adds.

Courtesy of Esoteric Esa

“If you consume any alcohol during full moon cycles you might be prone to setting yourself up for a major hangover,” Esa says. “We are extremely delicate during the lunar phases and I humbly recommend you steer clear of alcohol.”

Esa says she doesn’t drink on New Moons and Full Moons, in order to honor her body and ancestors. This Full Moon, Esa recommends working with the Indigenous Goddess Ixchel of the Mayaz + Aztec Cosmology. She is an energy open to working with anyone, just so long as the intent is good. She represents fertility, the moon, the ocean, creativity, and the warrior goddess spirit. We all carry a bit of her energy as women.

Courtesy of Esoteric Esa

Below is a Full Moon Goddess Ixchel Mayan Moon Water you can incorporate to bring about the fertility of new projects, creativity and to further strengthen your connection to the moon.

Courtesy of Esoteric Esa

Items needed:

  1. A blue or white candle that represents our connection to the moon and to Ixchel.
  2. Glass bowl or container to carry your purified moon water along with purified water for use. You will create moon water for consumption or for your bath/showers or for your altars.
  3. Air element to purify your space such as palo santo, sage or incense.
  4. Intention(s) to let go of this Full Moon that will bring you closer to your clarity in vision, life’s purpose, and attract what is in alignment for you.


  1. Begin with an opening prayer and create a safe space for you while cleansing the energy field of where you will be conducting your full moon ritual. Light your air element of sage, palo santo or incense to clear the energy and set it in balance for you to work with.
  2. Create an intention(s) on what you plan on releasing. Write it down on paper and keep this on your altar.
  3. Create a mantra to honor and work with Goddess Ixchel. Here’s one that I use and feel free to incorporate: “Goddess Ixchel, protector of women and children, warrior goddess of love and light I honor you. I celebrate you and the connection to mother moon. I ask for your guidance and protection this full moon with releasing what is no longer serving me. I honor your energy. Thank you for your love and protection.”
  4. Meditate. The duration is up to you. Meditate with your intention that you are releasing and work with Goddess Ixchel’s energy to release that stress for she will assist you with removing. I usually meditate for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Light your candle in her honor and keep it in a safe space. Always practice safety with flame work. Keep that candlelight as long as you can. Light that exact candle for the next seven days consistently to keep the intention from your full moon ritual going through flame work. Be sure to not blow out your candle and simply allow it to be put out with a candle snuffer.
  6. Bless your purified water by placing it into your glass container or bowl. Cleanse it with your air element and state your mantra and intention as you do so. Cover it with saran wrap and place it outside directly in the moonlight or somewhere where it can receive the energy of the moon. This water you will retrieve the next morning and thank the energy of Goddess Ixchel and mother moon for their pure intentions. You can then use this water to drink daily or all at once, to bath in, I love creating a goddess bath and saving some on my altar as an offering to my ancestors.
  7. Keep that written intention on your altar or burn the intention up to you. Use it as a reminder of what you have given up this Full Moon and are releasing. Then thank your angels, guides, energy tribe for their protection and close circle.

Courtesy of Esoteric Esa

Esa says she’s experienced great success with this art of moon magic.

“I’ve been able to work with our beloved mother moon to birth new ideas, strengthen my intuition and even go as far as to manifest my marriage and home,” she adds.

Esa now incorporates the teachings from her personal practice into her community and helps other women understand what the different moon phases mean specifically in terms of the cosmic energy and its potency to influence our realities.

Esoteric Esa was birthed after her first of many spiritual awakenings. Influenced by the thought that conversation around eliminating the negative misconceptions associated with esoteric teachings in the Latinx community is what drove her to believe that Spirituality in our community needs to be discussed openly. Through that intention, she launched her self-titled YouTube channel and her SOULIMINATI blog to share purpose-driven content for women seeking spiritual liberation. Her Podcast, Better Work Bitch, “A Podcast for Manifestors” is now on its third season and highlights how to play with the Universe to better create our realities through sharing her journey of becoming “The Modern Spiritual Latina.” It’s in her lineage to foster other women and spread the self-empowering knowledge within astrology, crystal stones, and numerology. You can connect with her @esoteric_esa or souliminati.com

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