Kat Von D Beauty Now Makes Brow Shade For Latina Redheads

Latina redheads can finally rejoice! Kat Von D Beauty hasn’t forgotten about you

Photo: Unsplash/@serjosoza

Photo: Unsplash/@serjosoza

Latina redheads can finally rejoice! Kat Von D Beauty hasn’t forgotten about you. The makeup brand has finally released a brow shade made specifically for you.

“Just like a signature, brows are uniquely personal,” Kat said in a press release statement. “Pomade, pencil or powder, Kat Von D Beauty brow products give you the power to personalize your brows any way you want, in any shade you want! Growing the shade range to include Auburn shades, Kat Von D Beauty’s Brow Collection empowers everyone to own any brow look with confidence — whether they’re soft and natural, crisp and defined, or a rainbow-bright work of art. There are no rules in makeup, especially when it comes to brows.” That means no more mixing colors to try and create that perfect red shade.


If the auburn shade doesn’t match your natural hair entirely, you can still mix your own personal shade with Kat Von D Beauty 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade, which only retails for $19. According to the site, the weightless waterproof pomade delivers high-impact, budge-proof, smudge-proof (this is the best!) brows that don’t come off until you want them to. “This is the best brow product for even the most intense activities – from workouts to endless dancing, nothing stands a chance against this sweat-proof formula.”

Kat’s brow product comes in an array of 17 shades, with eight neutral brow tones, seven artistry colors. There’s also a “White Out” for mixing and customizing and “bleach” for a bleached look, which gives consumers “the power to craft any brow imaginable is finally a reality.” We can’t wait to try it!

We also know Kat Van D is working on a secret project with a famous redhead, Charo! We have no idea what they’re up to, but we can’t wait to find out.

We’re thinking these two will be launching a beauty line, and Charo is one of the most famous redheads there is, so maybe this iconic Latina helped facilitate this new auburn brow color.

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