Kat Von D Claps Back At Fan Who Shamed Her For Using Spanish Language

If you’re a Kat Von D fan, you’d think you’d be aware by now that Kat Von D is Latina

Kat Von D Spanish

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If you’re a Kat Von D fan, you’d think you’d be aware by now that Kat Von D is Latina. Not only that but that the makeup and tattoo entrepreneur is Argentinian and was born in Mexico, which is why she speaks Spanish. Kat Von D has never hid her love of her first language. She’s also fully embraced her Latin culture in so many ways. She’s very open about it especially on Instagram. Fans know she dislikes President Donald Trump, they know where she stands on immigration, and that she’s a fan of Spanish music, including Selena.

So why would fans ever come at her for using Spanish? It makes no sense, but that’s exactly what they did. In an Instagram post, Kat Von D captioned a very cute picture that said: “que duerman con los angelitos.”

Then a couple of fans had the audacity to check her and comment: “I think the correct expression is ‘may you dream of the little angels,’ but I love you anyway.” Wow. Not only is that comment rude, it’s simply dumb.

Yes, haters will always hate, but what’s the point of hating someone for writing something in Spanish? Another person wrote: “She does speak it but quite badly for it being her first language.”

Regardless of this people’s useless motives, clearly they are not true fans and we love the fact that Kat Von D clapped back the way she did.

Kat Von D responded IN SPANISH by saying: “Spanish was my first language. I don’t need Google to wish you a good night.”


And that’s how you do it, my friends. That’s what happens when you speak on something that you’re clueless about.

For those who’ve never heard Kat speak Spanish or I should say sing in Spanish, here’s a little amazing treat for you.


You’re welcome.

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