5 Ways to Keep Your White Partner Woke


In today’s world, choosing a partner can be daunting — and the internet doesn’t make it any easier. While social feeds may fill you with anxiety about who’s going to get engaged next, dating apps can cement your anxiety with images and messages that make you almost 100 percent sure the dating pool is completely rotten.

So, what happens when you finally do find the one — and they’re white?

Our society has recently opened its eyes to toxic white masculinity and non-intersectional feminism, which has left many women of color feeling more distrusting and frankly, uncomfortable, with the character of white men and women.

Yet, it would be wholly unfair and deeply inaccurate to suggest that “all white men” or “all white women” are off-limits as dating material due to a belief that their racism and/or sexism would spoil any chances of a romantic connection.

The reality is that any two people can have a strong and even powerful relationship as partners, allies, and lovers if they have ongoing, honest conversations about what it looks like to navigate the world as a woke couple.

Below are five of our suggestions for dating interracially and maintaining a sense of mutual love and respect.




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