Playoff Parents: 5 Simple Tips to Own Your Kid’s Sports Season

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Watching your kid beam with happiness after scoring the winning goal can fill your heart with excitement and orgullo. But when the school year comes back around, it can be challenging to keep track of after-school practice, schoolwork, and games. They say it takes a village, so we’ve gathered the best tips and tricks to stay safe and organized during your superstar’s sports season!

Sanitize and Refresh Your Car

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Between carpooling to practice and carrying around gym bags, your car can begin to smell like a locker room! Get rid of odors and bacteria by refreshing your car with Clorox® Disinfecting Mist. Not only does it disinfect hard surfaces, but it sanitizes and deodorizes soft surfaces when used as directed as well! 

Stock Up On Healthy Snacks 

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Your kids need all of their energy to go out there and play their hardest. Stocking up on healthy snacks enriched with almonds, berries, protein, and more can help them refuel before the game and score big!

Create a Laundry Rotation 

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There’s nothing worse than last-minute laundry — especially when your kid’s soccer uniform is full of grass and dirt stains. Creating a laundry rotation based on their game schedule will prevent any hiccups and last-minute loads. Whether you wash during the weekends or take care of the laundry in the evenings when everyone’s winding down, having a schedule will ensure your kid is ready to play! Pro tip? Use Clorox® Laundry Sanitizer to remove tough odors from smelly towels to your kids’ stinky sports uniforms.

Wipe Down Equipment After Use

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Prevent the spread of bacteria and germs by wiping down your kid’s sports equipment after practice and games. Use Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes to kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria when used as directed on hard, nonporous surfaces like helmets, balls, and rackets. (Disclaimer: Read cleaning instructions on different equipment). 

Remember To Have Fun

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Sports can get serious pretty quickly, but reminding your kids to simply enjoy the game can encourage them to perform at their highest. Didn’t win the game? Celebrate and affirm your child regardless!

Dominating your kid’s sports season can be challenging, but it all comes down to staying organized and supporting your athlete during the school year. From Disinfecting Wipes to Disinfecting Mist, Clorox® is every soccer mom’s best friend for all their odor and illness-causing germ-fighting needs. What are some tips that you follow during your children’s sports season? 

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