Kobe & Gianna Bryant Are Honored With Murals Worldwide

As the world grieves the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, memorials continue to be erected in their name

kobe gianna bryant murals

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kobe gianna bryant muralsAs the world grieves the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, memorials continue to be erected in their name. But the vigils and memorials are just one way fans are expressing their sorrow for the fallen former Laker player. From the Philippines to Los Angeles, artists are showing their love for Kobe and Gianna through beautiful mural renderings.

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We will update with further developments. Until then let’s take a look at how artists are remembering the former Laker and his 13-year-old daughter.


Los Angeles

L.A.-based artists Muck Rock and Mr79lt painted a touching portrait of Kobe and Gianna that has a banner with the words, “Kobe and GiGi forever. Daddy’s Girl”.


In Boston’s Central Square Graffiti Alley, an artist painted Kobe and Gianna as angels. Kobe discussed in numerous videos how much he loved being with his kids and how his daughter, Gianna, possessed the same passion for basketball as he did.


Melbourne, Australia


Artist Lushsux painted a tribute to Kobe in his Lakers’ jersey. This painting shows Bryant in his most recognizable look, wearing the famous purple and yellow Laker uniform. He will be a Laker forever.


Manila, Philippines


At a tenement basketball court, a mural is painted on the ground that shows Kobe embracing his daughter Gianna. It was created by Mike Swift. There are other artworks around Manila that also pay tribute to Kobe. It’s amazing to see how much he was adored by people all over the world.



The Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark in Atlanta is filled with amazing murals from countless artists. We’re so thrilled to see this new mural honoring Kobe is now among them. We hope more artists in Atlanta will erect their own Kobe and Gianna murals as well.


Studio City, Los Angeles

There are so many touching tributes to the late Kobe Bryant, but this one in Studio City is so beautiful because it includes his daughter and they’re both looking up. Kobe is known to have his jersey in his mouth during tense games. His daughter did the same thing!




More murals continue to be worked on right now, including the one above in Miami. We will update this post as we become aware of new murals throughout the world.

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