Kylie Jenner’s Latina Assistant Sets the Record Straight About Why She Quit

In the wild world of Kylie Jenner, a lot is going on at any given minute

Kylie Jenners latina assistant

Photo: Instagram/victoriavillarroel

In the wild world of Kylie Jenner, a lot is going on at any given minute. Whether it’s little Stormi blowing up Instagram, a new beauty launch, or, even more dramatic, a rift with a friend, we just can’t keep track of it all. The latest has to do with one of her most recognized Instagram buddies, Victoria Villarroel. 

Several news outlets reported that the Venezuelan beauty who got famous as Jenner’s assistant had quit her high-profile job for another high-profile position, that of an Instagram influencer.

“Victoria wants to be an influencer in her own right and is focusing on that now,” a source told Us Weekly“Kylie and Victoria are still friends and close. Kylie doesn’t have any bad feelings about Victoria going off to do her own thing and is supportive.”

But Villarroel took to her Instagram story to set the record straight. She posted yesterday that those allegations are false. She said she stopped working for Jenner about a year ago after being on her payroll for five years. 

Kylie Jenner's latina assistant

“We both decided it was time to grow without each other professionally,” and added, “but she is still one of my best friends, and our relationship has only gotten stronger.” 

Villarroel has been an instrumental part of Jenner’s social media gang. For a while there, it seemed like Villarroel, Jenner, and Jordyn Woods were inseparable. Even as Jenner’s personal life with Stormi and her baby daddy, Travis Scott, progressed, Jenner always had her girls around. Things turned upside down for Jenner when Woods was accused of hooking up with Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. Jenner’s inner circle seemed to change, but Villarroel was always around — at least it seemed that way on Instagram. 

What’s interesting about Villarroel’s exit is that her professional position with Jenner ended last year, around the same time that Jenner and Woods had a falling out. 

In either case, we’re sure Villarroel — whether she’s an influencer or not — will land something just as lucrative and glamours as her assistant job with Jenner. It also appears that the shelf life for a Kardashian-Jenner assistant is five years. Kim Kardashian West’s personal assistant Stephanie Shepard also left her position after five years. In any job, five years is a good run. But people looking to move up or make more money cannot stay comfortable just because a job is fun. Driven workers want to do more. 

Let’s take a look back at what it was like for Villarroel to work for Jenner. 

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