Kyrzayda Rodriguez and These Latinas Won Fashion on Instagram This Week

Every week, we like to give a virtual high five to Latinas who are slaying the fashion game on Instagram. Their creativity, lifestyle, and more are an inspiration that we love to share with HipLatina readers. Want to be featured in next week’s sartorial selection? Hashtag your looks #HipLatinaStyle.


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To all the ladies that keep sending me DMs about being too afraid to start a blog because of these lame ass trolls, I have a message for you … . . I use my platform to inspire you all to be the fabulous woman you are. If the 4 years ago insecure Veronica would've seen those hurtful malicious words, I would've probably crawled under a rock and never come out again. Thankfully I am no longer that insecure girl and I learned to love my body and it's imperfectly perfect ways. I embrace my curves because guess what THEY ARE THERE TO BE EMBRACED! It's 2018 people we got plus size models walking and killing it on the damn runway, there's no way in hell I'm a let some lame corny insecure person who clearly needs help get under my skin, they can call me whatever they want but guess what IT WILL NOT STOP ME FROM BEING FUCKING FABULOUS!! So push those insecurities aside and forget about those haters and get to work cause we got a lot of shit to prove!!. . . Read the rest of my self love message on my blog, click that link on my bio!

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This outfit is fabulous – cozy, slouchy, yet fierce and tough, in a cool military way. But have you read the message?! Veronica Bonilla loves herself, her figure, and has zero time for online trolls.




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