The Last New Moon of 2019 in Capricorn Is About Building Goals

The final lunar phase of 2019 in the sign of Capricorn is also a Solar Eclipse

Photo: Unsplash/@amit_8

Photo: Unsplash/@amit_8

The final lunar phase of 2019 in the sign of Capricorn is also a Solar Eclipse. Capricorn is the native ruler of the 10th house, which governs your career, public image, and status. Expect these areas of interest to undergo renovation courtesy of this new moon. Considering it is a Solar Eclipse, take into account that the energy of the Capricorn new moon on Dec. 26th can be received up to six months after its debut. Add to the fact that Saturn is the influencing planet at play here and you’ll want to be sure to play your cards rights as he is the gatekeeper of karmic exchanges.

This will be an inspiring time to build concrete goals for your 2020 strategy. This is the perfect lunar phase to close out a year full of cosmic lessons.

Solar Eclipses are a major celestial event because they bring forth an element of anticipation and mystery. Sometimes these can be negative unforeseen curveballs, but in this case, expect this Capricorn new moon Solar Eclipse to carry in productive harvest. Mentioned earlier, Saturn is the main elemental energy at play and he is the notorious Lord of Karma in Astrology. This will be a time of heightened work ethic for you as you’ll be extremely dedicated to taking your career or life’s purpose to the next level. With that being said, work hard and don’t take any shortcuts and you shall be rewarded with the blessings you planted with this last lunar phase of 2019. Expect positive unexpected rewards to manifest into your path in 2020 thanks to your diligence.

Below is a Planetary Magick Ritual customized according to Saturn’s energy of this new moon Solar Eclipse. Use this ritual as a tool to manifest further prosperity into your journey. This is a new moon you do not want to sleep on. If there’s one word that doesn’t describe Capricorns, its lazy. Don’t be lazy rather be consciously proactive. Healthy and balanced productivity will be the key to winning with this moon phase.

Items needed:

  1. Dark brown candle to represent Saturn
  2. Patchouli oil
  3. Smokey quartz stone
  4. Paper and pen to write your intention

Ritual Steps:

  1. Connect with your guides or higher power for love and protection.
  2. Cleanse your smokey quartz stone
  3. Recite or meditate your intention over your candle. Cut your wick before lighting. Pour patchouli oil into a candle for added grounding and spiritual protection properties.
  4. Write your intention for new goals you want to manifest in 2020 that you’re proposing to the planet Saturn for added discipline and assistance from a place of gratitude.
  5. Light the candle and place the crystal onto your paper of intention. Connect or meditate with the crystal and intention for 5 – 10 mins or more to see what messages you receive from Saturn.
  6. Keep this candle lit for the next 8 days or until candle finishes. Allow your intention to manifest in 2020.

Enjoy. May you manifest wisely.

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