8 Latin American Wedding Traditions to Make You Rethink the Bouquet Toss

With wedding season in full bloom in the U.S., you might be thinking about whether you’ll catch the bouquet at your friend’s wedding or how to tell her that you don’t think that all six bridesmaids dressed in neon green will dazzle on the big day. But if you’re getting ready for a wedding in Latin America, you might not be so familiar with these traditions and thinking to yourself ¿¿¿qué??? Depending where you are, you’re more likely to be wondering whether the bride is just in the bathroom or has fled the wedding for the night, or how much of a say the bride’s madrina had in choosing that flower arrangement. Here are eight customs you might come across if you’re at a wedding in Latin America. They may even change your opinion about bridesmaids needing to wear an identical dress.

HipLatina Wedding Traditions in Latin America

Photo Credit Pinterest (Pinky 2799)

Puerto Rico

There’s a good chance you will still witness this old tradition at a Puerto Rican wedding. A doll dressed identical to the bride is featured either as a wedding cake topper or at the guests’ tables. Charms or capias (boutineers) are attached to the doll and later given out as gifts. Move over groom, the bride gets the full spotlight at a boda puertorriqueña.

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