6 Latin Artists Open Up About the Impact Their Moms Had on Them

Celebs are just like us - they love their mamas and love to post about it on social media!

Latin artists

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Celebs are just like us – they love their mamas and love to post about it on social media! There are quite a few Latin artists who have been known to bring their moms as their dates to award shows, like Becky G when she brought her mom to the Latin AMAs. They almost always thank their moms when winning awards but we wanted to highlight how these megastars shared their love for their mamis. In honor of Mother’s Day, here are some major moments between our favorite Latin artists and their mamas over the years.


Anuel AA

Anuel AA may have this hard image but on the inside he is a total softy. Anuel has shown the love for his mom through multiple social media posts and even captioned one of his photos: “I love my mom in a way that cannot be described by words.” He truly values his relationship with his mom saying “She stayed by my side day and night, protecting my spirit, while I was incarcerated” as he described how she was there for him during the most difficult times in his life.


Becky G

Photo: Instagram/@iambeckyg

Becky G has always showed fans that her mom is her biggest supporter by taking her to award shows and posting about her on social media. In a red carpet interview with HOLA magazine, Becky G said she always brings her mom to award shows and performances with her because she is her “lucky charm.” At the Latin AMAs in 2019, Becky G brought her mom and ended up winning the award for Favorite Female Artist and received the Evolution Award.



Photo: Instagram/@jlo

Jennifer Lopez was performing at VAX Live: The Concert to Reunite the World and brought her mother up on stage to sing their version of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” JLo told the audience that her mom used to sing that song to her as a baby but she would change the lyrics to say “sweet Jennifer.”


Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin and mom

Image: Getty Images/ Bolivar Arellano

Ricky Martin told Attitude Magazine that his mother helped him come out to the world. He said that when he first came out to his mom, she reacted in a positive way and that their relationship has grown stronger ever since. He said that one day his mom asked him if he was gay and that she said “I love you, my son, I’m so happy for you. Bring it on. I’m right behind you.”




Photo: Instagram/@maluma

Some fans went crazy when they saw Maluma post a photo of him sharing a passionate kiss on the lips with his mom on Mother’s Day in 2019. He captioned the post: “Feliz dia amor de mi vida, FELIZ DIA MADRE.” He actually posted two photos, one of him and his mom hugging and the other was the big kiss. This bothered some fans but his publicist told Page Six that the kiss was a “cultural thing” and that now “people are going to be able to see different sides of Latin culture in different ways.”


Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan and mom

Images: Getty/Gregg DeGuire

In 2019, Gloria Estefan appeared on the cover of HOLA’s Latina Powerhouse issue and told the magazine that her mother and grandmother were her biggest inspirations and impacted her life in many ways. As she described how her mother immigrated to the United States from Cuba, she said “she didn’t cry, and I never heard her complain. She inspired me to prove that yes, it can be done.”


Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis with mom

Images: Getty/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Chiquis always talks about her mom and likes to remind people she was more than La Diva de la Banda. On the seventh anniversary of her mom’s passing, Chiquis talked about her mom’s impact with Power 106 Los Angeles about how much of an inspiration she was in her life and how she is missed every day. Chiquis said, “Life hasn’t been the same without you” and goes on to describe how she feels since she passed and ends the post with “This is my way of honoring your hard work and all you sacrificed for us. Thank you, mama.”

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