13 Latin Cooking Channels on YouTube that Will Teach You Como Cocinar

There’s nothing like Latin food to make us feel nourished, nostalgic, and well taken care of

Latin Cooking

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There’s nothing like Latin food to make us feel nourished, nostalgic, and well taken care of. It’s the same food our grandmothers and mothers made that we hope to come close to mastering. Food is not only a part of Latinx cultures around the world, it’s the way we show each other love. YouTube is a goldmine for all of us aspiring cooks. You’ll find everything from supremely traditional how-tos, to modernized versions that blend cultures, flavors, and time periods, and everything in between on their Latin cooking channels.

With all the extra time we are spending at home with family, it’s the perfect time to finally learn how to whip up some delicious homestyle food. But you will need to find some reputable sources that you can trust to teach you if you’re not at home with mami or abuela right now. While cookbooks are always a priceless resource for traditional recipes, there’s nothing like watching someone make a meal you want to recreate.

To get you started on your Latin food cooking journey, we found 13 must-watch Latin-lead YouTube tutorials that will teach you how to make a dizzying number of yummy dishes.

De Mi Rancho a Su Cocina

With 3.15 million subscribers, you can’t more real with Mexican cooking than De Mi Rancho a tu Cocina. One of the best Latin Cooking Channels on Youtube, Mexican abuelita Doña Angela teaches us how to make dishes such as birria de res, fried gorditas, and mole straight from her ranch in Ario de Rosales, Michoacan, Mexico. 


Views on the Road


On the Views on the Road channel, Mexican sisters Stephanie and Cloud show us how to make the Mexican food we want to learn how to make. We’re talking flour and corn tortillas from scratch, tres leches cake, salsa roja, and vegan enchiladas. The 597 video tutorials also include recipes from other countries, such as Korean Tteokbokki and Salvadorian pupusas.


The Freakin’ Rican Restaurant

Want to learn how to make authentic Puerto Rican food? Then look no further than the YouTube channel The Freakin’ Rican Restaurant. There, you’ll learn how to make the same food offered at the restaurant of the same name in Astoria, New York. Popular videos include tutorials on how to make sancocho and white rice, arroz con gandules, and Puerto Rican bacalaitos.


Claudia Regalado

The next YouTube channel you should visit to make delicious Mexican food is Claudia Regalado’s. With 367,000 subscribers and 23,151,446 views, her videos showcase Latinx recipes including fried shredded beef empanadas, chile rellenos, pozole, and conchas Mexicanas.


Simply Mamá Cooks

911,000 subscribers tune in to the Simply Mamá Cooks YouTube channel to learn how to make “food cooked with a mama’s love.” Popular dish tutorials, a mix of Latin and American food, with over 2 million views each include chimichangas, chicken chow mein, flour tortillas, macaroni and cheese, strawberry horchata, and tamales. This is one of the Latin cooking channels that makes us drool and brings us all the cozy comfort food we need in our lives right now.


Patti Jinich

You may have seen her James Beard and Emmy Award-winning PBS show, Patti’s Mexican Table. But lucky for us, chef Patti Jinich also has a fabulous YouTube cooking channel. On it, she shares “favorite recipes and clips” from the show, including making fish chicharron tacos in Sinaloa, how to create a delicious guava pie, and a beef barbacoa how-to that’s just perfect for summer.


Abuela’s Kitchen

It’s pretty much a consensus that we will trust Latin food, and their recipes, if they come directly from someone’s abuelita. That’s the stamp of approval that the recipe will be traditional, tasty, and most importantly, legit. Abuela’s Kitchen, a YouTube cooking channel, is a legit Latin food resource, sharing traditional Mexican recipes from Silvia and her grandmother, like arroz con leche, chilaquiles, and coctel de camaron estilo abuela.


¡Que Viva La Cocina!

Que Viva La Cocina! currently teaches 2.91 million subscribers and other viewers how to make traditional Latinx food in the comfort of their own homes. You can make a cheese flan without having to use the oven, carne guisada en salsa, salmon a la plancha, and other Latino delicacies. There are also recipes from other areas of the world, such as a tiramisu that doesn’t use eggs, chicken curry, quiche Lorraine, and arroz frito Chino.


Sweet y Salado

Colombian food blogger and YouTuber Diana is the creator behind the popular cooking channel Sweet y Salado. Offering recipes in both English and Spanish, Sweet y Salado will teach you how to make such classics as chicharron, frijoles Colombianos, chimichurri, arepa de huevo, pandebonos, patacones, brazo de reina, and arroz con pollo.


Evelyn Dominguez

Evelyn Dominguez’s YouTube channel has 696,000 subscribers, who sign up to learn how to make classic Puerto Rican and other Latinx dishes. Some of the most popular videos that have been viewed are tutorials on making rellenos de papa, pernil, jamon al horno, tembleque, and bistec. Don’t speak Spanish, or are more comfortable following how-tos in English? No worries, Evelyn also has an English-language cooking channel.


La Capital

It’s still summer, which means there is still time to get in some epic barbecuing. A resource you’ll want to use to get achieve perfect BBQ is Oscar Meza’s YouTube channel La Capital. They boast 5.82 million subscribers and will teach you how to barbecue everything from classic carne asada to jalapeno poppers, to hot dogs caseros. Stay for other non-BBQ delights like homemade chicken soup, mango habanero wings, and loaded baked potatoes.


Dora’s Table – Vegan Mexican Recipes

One of the biggest things we see Latinx millennials doing is taking traditional Latinx recipes and making them healthier. This includes turning the meals completely vegetarian or vegan. But we definitely still want the flavor of the originals. We recommend tuning into Dora’s Table – Vegan Mexican Recipe’s YouTube channel. There, Dora will show you step by step how to make flavorful things like vegan potato adobo tamales, vegan chorizo, a prickly pear margarita, vegan marranitos, and cauliflower ceviche.


Blame it on quarantine, and all the other drama happening in 2020, but we are definitely crazing amazingly tasty, nostalgic, and feel-good cheat day staples. That’s why we will be tuning into Hogar y Pan’s YouTube channel. We’re talking learning how to make conchas, pan de guayaba, and pan de elote. On top of the delicious Latinx recipes, you’ll also learn how to make pizza, donuts, pain au chocolat, and panettone. We may never leave the house.

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