6 Beach Accessories Con Mucho Sabor

Summer fun is in full effect

Photo: Unsplash/@hudsoncrafted

Photo: Unsplash/@hudsoncrafted

Summer fun is in full effect. We know you’re not worried about having the perfect beach body – because that myth is trash. Instead, this summer it’s all about looking fly with some statement pieces that rep la cultura. These six items will bring the heat to the beach that no one was expecting.

Frida Kahlo beach bag
Photo: Etsy

You could seriously put Frida on anything and we’d buy it. This beach bag is great because it’s made of recycled plastic and the texture of the bag won’t be easily ruined if wet or hit with a bunch of sand. Frida Kahlo Market Bag, Etsy, $15.00


Don't Be Self Conchas hat
Photo: Etsy

“Don’t be self conchas” is a fun play on what we all need to remember when we’re in our bathing suits: Don’t be self-conscious! Do you – just make sure you cover your face from the sun’s intense rays. Don’t Be Self Conchas cap, Etsy, $22


Que Calor Peralta Project beach towel
Photo: PeraltaProject.com

What’s hot? The beach or the person laying on this fly-ass towel? I’m thinking both. Que Calor Beach Towel, Peralta Project, $45


cafe bustelo cooler
Photo: JavaCabana.com

Skip the typical blue and white cooler options. Pack up a few cervezas and sandwiches in this bright yellow cooler bag that shows your true café devotion. It’s on the smaller side so you made need a couple of these. Café Bustelo Cooler, JavaCabana.com, $6.00


avocado soludos slip ons
Photo: Soludos.com

Aguacate for our guac? Obviously. In our fish tacos? Definitely. On our feet? Hell yes! Avocado Embroidered Platform Smoking Slipper, Soludos.com, $75


watermelon purse
Photo: HijadeTuMadre.com

This sandia purse is the ideal accessory to bring for all your beach-related outings. It’s made of straw, super durable, and obviously adorable. Sandia Purse, HijadeTuMadre.com, $35

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