22 Home Decor Items to Help Show Off Your Latinx Pride

Your home is your haven and there’s nothing like filling it with nostalgic symbols from the motherland

oh comadre candles

Photo: Instagram/ ohcomadrecandles

Your home is your haven and there’s nothing like filling it with nostalgic symbols from the motherland. The following beautiful home decor items we selected represent an array of Latino cultures and were chosen for their beauty, and the proud fact that they are also sold by Latino-owned businesses.


Crafty Chica Hand Painted Affirmation Angels

Photo: Crafty Chica/Etsy

Started by author and artist Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica is “original, shiny, glittery, Chicano art,” that Kathy, and her husband Patrick, make by hand in their home studio in Phoenix, Arizona. These colorful ceramic angel statues are so pretty, and remind us of things that matter ⁠— family, abundance, and creativity ⁠— and invite our angelitos to help bring that in. 

Hand Painted Affirmation Angels, Available at etsy.com, $50


ElsyDoesIt Mazapan Mexican Candy Pillow

Photo: ElsyDoesIt/Etsy

How cute is this pillow by ElsyDoes It, inspired by Mexican de la Rosa Mazapán candy? It’s a great way to rep Mexican culture, while also adding a cute pillow to your couch, chair, or bed. 

Mazapan Mexican Candy Pillow, Available at etsycom, $40


Baggio Ardon Designs Isla Bella – Afro-Latinx Pride Wall Art

Photo: Baggio Ardon Design/Etsy

Of course, we had to include a fabulous representation of Afro-Latinx identity and culture in this roundup! This beautiful art print by Baggio Ardon and available to purchase on Etsy has so much vibrancy and movement.

Isla Bella – Afro-Latinx Pride Wall Art, Available at etsy.com, $9.99-$14.99


Little Things Tiendita Cafecito, pan dulce, y tu Wood Sign

Photo: Little Things Tiendita/Etsy

We are all for home decor items that not only represent our Latinx culture(s) (in this case Mexican/Chicanx) but also remind us of what is truly important. Little Things Tiendita created this adorable wood sign that spells it out for us ⁠— coffee, pan dulce, and those you love is life.

Cafecito, pan dulce, y tu Wood Sign, Available at etsy.com, $21wp_*posts

Oh Comadre Candles Vicky’s Vapo-Candle

oh comadre candles

Photo: ohcomadrecandles.com

Our sense of smell and our memories are scientifically interwoven. Marcella Gomez’s Oh Comadre veggie soy candles will transport you back to your niñez, in scents reminiscent of Fabuloso, Pan Dulce, Arroz con Leche, Abuelita’s Hot Chocolate, and every Latino’s favorite medical remedy, Vick’s Vapor Rub (or how my grandma called it, VeepVapPoRu)

Vicky’s Vapo Candle, Available at ohcomadrecandles.com, $13.99


Piska Peru Deluxe Sunburst Wall Mirror

Photo: KuzcaPeru/Etsy

Peruvian mirrors are incredibly gorgeous in their intricate details and grandeur. KuskaPeru produces these reflective pieces of art, in different shapes, colors, and sizes, including this one which was hand carved and gilded in Cuzco.

Deluxe Large Sunburst Wall Mirror – Cuzco Style 30.3″ – Gilded with Gold Leaf, Available at etsy.com, $369.99


Tapara Designs 3-1/2” Succulent mini planter

Photo: Tapara Designs/Etsy

In Weston, Florida, Regina Viso takes taparas, Venezuelan gourd-like fruits, and morphs them into exquisite works of art. For her Tapara Designs store, she also adds her artistic and colorful touch to a variety of home decor products, like this adorable planter. 

3-1/2″ Succulent Mini Planter, Available at etsy.com, $42


Tinker Make Cuba Food Cutting Board

Tinker make

Photo: Etsy

La comida is an integral part of any cultura. Lisette Perera’s Tinker Make laser engraved the delicious dishes of Cuba onto a cutting board made of locally-sourced wood. Perfect for any Latino kitchen.

Cuba Food Cutting Board – Cuba Art Wood, Made in USA, Available at etsy.com, $34.99-$69.99


Woodgems Cocobolo Natural Edge Wood Bowl

Photo: Woodgems/Etsy

Managua, Nicaragua is the setting for Woodgems, a company that uses woods native to Latin America (such as Bocote, Amarello, Cocobloco, and Carboncillo) to make a dizzying array of bowls, jewelry, and other woodwork. What’s great is that no matter how many items Karina Reyes creates, each item is completely unique from the others.

Wood Bowl No.170619-Cocobolo Natural Edge, Available at etsy.com, $180


RAGGEDYTIFF Arriba Las Mujeres 19′ Pillows

You’re most likely going to need some office furniture for your workspace and you’ll want to probably have a pillow for your chair so you’re nice and comfy. You’ll probably also want items in your office that inspire you and motivate you, while also adhering to a color scheme or theme within the room. This colorful pillow by RAGGEDYTIFF checks these boxes if you have a lively office or just want a pop of color for a neutral one (also, it comes in three different colors). It features the words “arriba las mujeres,” the powerful raised fists of three women and a bunch of beautiful flowers. It’s one pillow with a big, feminist message.

RAGGEDYTIFF Arriba Las Mujeres 19′ Pillows, Available on raggedytiff.com, $40.99


Good Day Doormats Hola Adios Doormat

Photo: Good Day Doormats/Etsy

You don’t have to wait until you’re in your house to show off your Latinx pride and sparkling manners. You can tell your guests “hi” and “bye” en Español with this super cute doormat by Good Day Doormats on Etsy.

Hola Adios Doormat, Available at etsy.com, $54-$65.99


miniatureart Spanish Colonial Colombian House

Photo: miniatureart/Etsy

These small replicas of Spanish Colonial houses in Colombia are seen in many Colombian households. Not only are they a reminder of the motherland, but they also have so much intricate and pretty detail.

Spanish Colonial Colombian House, Available at etsy.com, $44


MAPospheres Valparaiso, Chile Map

Photo: MAPospheres/Etsy

This sleek map by MAPospheres features the city of Valparaiso, Chile, but you can get this cool art made up of any city of your choosing! We just wanted to give Chile and other South American countries some love and representation in this shopping roundup. Plus, it’s a cool looking map!

Map, Available at etsy.com, $18-$28.25


reggieana Puerto Rican Flag Christmas Ornament/Door Knob Hanger Pillow – Puerto Rico

Photo: reggieanna/Etsy

You may have noticed that the Christmas ornaments are starting to pop up in stores, and to be honest, it’s never to early to shop for these! You’ll want to get the coolest ones before they’re gone, like this adorable Puerto Rican flag ornament from reggieana (also available in other flags). Added bonus? You can also use this as a doorknob hanger or a gift topper!

Puerto Rican Flag Christmas Ornament – Gift Topper – Door Knob Hanger Pillow – Puerto Rico, Available at etsycom, $10.50


DGA “Bonita” Queen Blanket

Photo: Walmart

You know what fall means? Cobijas San Marcos! It’s time to grab some cafecito or chocolate and curl up on the couch with the coziest of Mexican blankets. Walmart has this cool chola/pachuca/Day of the Dead cobija by artist DavidGonzalezArt.

“Bonita” Queen Blanket, Available at walmart.com, $39.99


La Velita Soy Candle Cafe y Pan (Coffee & Bread) Soy Wax Wood Wick Candle – 8oz

Photo: LaVelitaSoyCandle/Etsy

Candles add a cozy, relaxed, boho vibe to your environment, especially when they smell delicious. But why get an everyday scent when you can opt for one that really smells like home? La Velita makes a variety of yummy Latinx-themed candles, but we wanted to point out this wonderful cafe y pan one.

Cafe y Pan Soy Wax Wood Wick Candle, Available at etsy.com, $13


Viva La Bonita Poster

Photo: Viva La Bonita/Etsy

You know a brand has a lock on Latino culture when they emblazon famous television astrologer Walter Mercado on a T-shirt. Rachel Gomez’s Viva La Bonita is also “inspired by the spirit of the women who are fearless.” This “Hella Worthy” poster shouts out both Bay Area culture and women’s empowerment. 

Hella Worthy Mini Poster, Available on vivalabonitabigcartel.com, $10


Artelexia Stoneware Plates – Talavera Flor

Photo: Artelexia

Mexican Talavera art is so stunning, with its intricate, hand-painted patterns, and rich pops of color. When I saw these stoneware plates on the Artelexia site (shop there for amazing Chicanx/Mexican/Latinx finds!), I was instantly mesmerized and had to share!

Stoneware Plates – Talavera Flor, Available at artelexia.com, $13-$18


mitú Shop Chisme Couch Pillow

Photo: mitú Shop

We’re all for truth. You know that at your house, you are either going to dish the chisme or hear it, so why not just be honest about it with this hilarious pillow by mitú? We all have a chisme couch, but now we can publicly claim it with this fun piece of home decor.

Chisme Couch Pillow, Available at mitushop.com, $24.99


Hija de tu Madre Jefa Desk Plaque

You’re a jefa. You know it, those who know you know it, so why not let everyone else know even before they interact with you?

Hija de tu Madre’s throwback desk plate is the perfect reminder of who you are, and of who is going to take care of accomplishing all those big dreams and goals. It is just one of their many Latinx-themed office products that any boss lady will want to use to decorate their workspace. We’re inspired and totally tempted to make jefa business cards to match. Because it’s a lifestyle, no?

Jefa Desk Plaque, Available at hijadetumadre.com, $26.99

wp_*postsHispanicLegacyStudio Bolivian Art Home Decor Print

Photo: HispanicLegacyStudio/Etsy

HispanicLegacyStudio’s Etsy page has some beautiful Latinx artwork by Puerto Rican artist Samuel Rios Cuevas. Including his striking, detailed look at an indigenous Aymaras/Quechuas/Bolivians.

Bolivian Art Home Decor Print, Available at etsy.com, $90


Tropical Depression REFLECTOR Wall Hanging

Photo: Tropical Depression

The 1970’s, vintage-inspired wall hangings are all the rage right now. This one by Tropical Depression has a “color palette inspired by the facades of towns in Puerto Rico.” It’s also cool for the fact that most of the nylon cord is straight, instead of in the much-seen macramé style.

REFLECTOR Wall Hanging, Available at tropicaldepression.com, $79


Artelexia Plush Concha Pillow – Tan

Photo: Artelexia

Your house should reflect who you are, where you come from, and what you love. This Artelexia concha pillow, which also comes in pink, and chocolate, does all that and more. It also will consistently put a smile on your face!

Plush Concha Pillow – Tan, Available at artelexia.com, $20

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