9 Latina Celebs Who Are Total Geminis

(Image: Twitter)

Gemini season is in full swing! We’re sure you’ve seen the #GeminiSeason hashtag across social media by now — Geminis wouldn’t have it any other way. Ruled by Jupiter, the third astrological sign reigns from May 21 to June 21.

Geminis get a bad rap. They’re often classified as flakey, two-faced, undependable, and impulsive, but those with this mutable sign are outgoing, intelligent, inquisitive, unique, and fun. Yes, the twin sign does hint at their ability to switch up; however, their adaptable nature allows Geminis to move about with ease. It’s no coincidence that several of our fave artists and entertainers fall under the Gemini sign. You may or may not have known, but these nine Latinas are Geminis:




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