Photo: Instagram/@tlayudala

6 Chingona Chefs Whipping Up Delicious Meals in Los Angeles

When I think of food, I think of my grandma’s cooking – and I’m sure that for most of us the chef in our family kitchen was our mamí, tía, or abuela.

Strangely enough the top chefs in high-end kitchens across the world are mostly men. But there are some amazing women out there breaking barriers and cooking their way into the foodie scene. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best California-based Latina chefs, most of whom will be at this year’s East L.A. Meets Napa!

Sandra Cordero (@chefsandracordero)

Chef Sandra Cordero is the owner and head chef of seasonally-driven, locally-sourced Woodland Hills, CA restaurant Gasolina Cafe.  

Denise Portillo (@chefdenise.portillo)


Chef Denise Portillo has devoted her life to mastering the art of cooking and delivering a mouth-watering, healthy and wholesome cuisine. She is the co-owner for Forkin Good Cafe in Whittier, CA.

Natalie Curie (@elcoraloense)

Natalie Curie is head chef at her Bell Gardens family restaurant. Coraloense is an award-winning restaurant championing fresh seafood and their Instagram feed is mouthwatering!  
Laura Guerrero and Ana Urbina (@tlayudala)

Laura Guerrero and Ana Urbina’s Santa Monica restaurant Tlayuda L.A. serves home-style cooking inspired by Oaxacan cuisine. This is another IG feed that will make your tummy grumble!

Christine Rivera (@xtine65)

Chef Christine Rivera is a taco queen! Serving up some of the most mouth watering creations from her Galaxy Taco truck. She specializes in tortilla making, and gets her non-GMO heirloom blue corn from a single farm in Mexico. Impressive!

Jocelyn Ramirez (@todoverde)

Jocelyn Ramirez is changing the perception that Mexican food can’t be plant-based. She’s committed to teaching her community about the benefits of consuming more plants and her vegan meals don’t skimp on any of the flavors we’ve come to love. Try Todo Verde and we promise you won’t be disappointed.