6 Latinas Who’ve Made Significant Contributions to the Beauty Industry

Many of the popular beauty trends and products we see today have been pioneered by our fellow Latina makeup-lovers

Photo: Unsplash/@element5digital

Photo: Unsplash/@element5digital

Many of the popular beauty trends and products we see today have been pioneered by our fellow Latina makeup-lovers. Their innovations have lead to staples in our beauty routines today, like the Beauty Blender or liquid lipstick. We found some of the coolest, most innovative beauty products created by Latinas. Without them, our makeup games wouldn’t be half as strong!

beautyblender by Rea Ann Silva

I’m sure you’ve heard of the beautyblender. The tool is one of the most popular makeup applicators on the market today that makes foundation, concealer, contour and powder an effortless task. Even though the beautyblender was created in 2007, it recently became a hit with famous beauty gurus and casual makeup users alike. Since then, over 6.5 million have been sold.


Bésame Cosmetics by Gabriela Hernandez


A lot of the latest beauty products are centered around new formulas and innovative application tools, but what about the old fashion beauty products that worked for those before us? Gabriela Hernandez of Bésame Cosmetics has brought back several old-fashioned makeup products and application methods without compromising modern-day vibrant pigmentation or long-lasting formulas. They even have a video detailing each step of the meticulous production process


Kat von D’s Liquid Lipstick Line


It’s no secret that Kat von D’s liquid lipsticks have an industrial-strength formula. While other liquid lipsticks dry out lips and increase the chances of cracking and settling, von D’s has sunflower seed and vitamin E to keep lips moisturized and full. Not to mention, the entire line comes in a whopping 42 shades— so you’re guaranteed to find something that will be flattering with your skin tone.


Skincare by Tata Harper

This Colombiana is committed to finding the best, most natural ingredients for her skincare products. As stated on Tata Harper’s website, “We’re different from most beauty brands. We’re pioneers who think that beauty products should contribute to your life, not compromise it. We seek out the best, most effective natural ingredients across the globe.” Each and every formula is developed through Harper’s team of industry experts, and every ingredient is manufactured in small batches through ethical and sustainable practices.


Sigma Beauty brush cleaners by co-founder Simone Oliveira Xavier

If I’m being completely honest, cleaning my makeup brushes is my least favorite thing to do when it comes to beauty. It can be a tedious task, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. So, when Sigma Beauty co-founder Simone Oliveira Xavier debuted the brand’s Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove, the beauty world went wild. The glove is gentle on brushes while removing oil and grime from the inner bristles. Pretty worth it if you ask me!


Birchbox by Katia Beauchamp

Remember when beauty subscription boxes became a super popular thing? Well, Birchbox is the “indisputable OG” when it comes to beauty subscription boxes, and one of it’s founders, Katia Beauchamp, is a Latina! Beauchamp created Birchbox with partner Hayley Barna in order to bring new products to diehard makeup lovers and casual beauty users alike. Beauchamp combined tech and makeup to start the first ever beauty subscription box, and there have been other companies following their lead ever since.

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