7 Latina Directors Giving Us The Representation We Need

Latina Directors HipLatinaFinding Latinx representation anywhere in Hollywood is always a challenge. Despite the fact that Latinos currently make up 18% of the population (over 58 million and counting), we are still sorely lacking from our TV and film screens or from the writer’s rooms. Moreover, we’re rarely recognized as directors. There are some Latino men making headlines these days, like The Shape of Water’s Guillermo del Toro, Roma’s Alfonso Cuaron, and The Revenant’s Alejandro Inarritu, but Latina directors rarely enjoy the same kind of attention. That said, there are many Latina directors out there doing amazing things, so we’re celebrating them here! This is only meant to be an intro to some of the wonderful contemporary Latina directors out there but is in no way a full list (for e.g. Margot Benacerraf was an amazing Venezuelan director of the 1950s, while actresses America Ferrera and Gina Rodriguez both made their directorial debuts last year). Here are just a few of the amazing Latinas behind the camera today:




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