10 Latina Life & Career Coaches Share Tips to Thrive in 2020

latina-coachesToward the end of the year, there’s pressure to plan for the future and prep to become the best version of yourself but all that is easier said than done and for Latinas prone to juggling a lot of responsibilities between work and familia it can feel downright impossible. In order to help you transition into the new year with more than just a poderosa sentiment, we’ve rounded up Latina life and career coaches to guide you through the process with tangible tips. In a culture that stigmatizes mental health, seeking out a coach for career or life is not a common practice and it can feel intimidating when trying to find a coach to connect with. The following 10 coaches are all Latina and specialize in career and/or life coaching or spiritual guidance and they shared their different takes on how to approach 2020 with HipLatina.

While these 10 coaches offer different roadmaps to success and self-care, as Latinas they also all agree we can be better advocates for themselves in the face of a culture that encourages modesty. “I like to remind Latina professionals to show how diverse and multifaceted they are — that serves an incredible differentiator — I call it our unique value proposition,” Career Coach Yai Vargas said. Empowerment Coach Cynthia Santiago-Borbón also believes there are certain unique strengths Latinas bring to the workplace: “While so many Latinas are clear about their skills, I have found that many of them are not clear about their strengths. In other words, when it comes to your career it’s not just important to know what skills you’ve acquired and what you’ve learned to be good at. It’s really powerful to know what you are naturally strong in.”

But in order to excel professionally, it’s important to take care of yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically so we made sure to balance between professional and personal advice to make sure you’re doing all you can to dominate 2020. Clarity Coach Jackie Diaz told HipLatina recognizes a problem many Latinas face when it comes to not feeling like they’re not doing enough in life: “Be kinder to yourself. As Latinas, whether you ‘re a child of immigrants or an immigrant yourself, we tend to feel pressured into pushing ourselves, to prove others wrong or ‘making up’ for our parents’ sacrifices. We feel that we can never do enough to repay them. It seems we’re either working on surpassing expectations, brought on to us by family members, or worse, the one we harshly put on ourselves.”

So in the midst of holiday chaos and the stress of the end of the year, we hope this slideshow of empowering advice helps you feel capable of making jefa moves while taking time for self-care. Check out these exclusive tips to enter 2020 with JLo-level fierceness and, as curandera, Erika Buenaflor told us, “When putting into action life and business goals, don’t forget to work your magic. Yes, I do mean the good kind of brujeria magic.”




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