6 Latina-Owned Curly Hair Products Worth Trying This Fall

Latinas represent a major source of growth for the beauty industry

Bomba Curls Dominican Forbidden Oil

Photo: Bomba Curls

Latinas represent a major source of growth for the beauty industry. A 2015 study revealed that Latinx folks, who represent 18 % of the total U.S. population at 60 million, are actually the driving force behind the beauty industry, accounting for 16 % of total sales in hair care products alone.

It’s no wonder we’ve been seeing an uptick in beauty brands owned by Latina entrepreneurs. Culturally, Latinas tend to take a lot of pride in our connection with beauty but over the years we’ve also realized that a lot of mainstream brands weren’t necessarily catering to our unique needs, especially for those of us with naturally curly hair. Finding ourselves being underserved is what inspired so many folks like Julissa Prado of Rizos Curls or Ada Rojas of Botanika Beauty to create brands that actually speak to both our beauty and our culture — bringing forth some much needed authentic representation. After years of not finding what we need in the beauty aisles, we can finally and confidently say that we’ve got options. Here’s a look at few curly hair products that won’t just get your curls poppin’ this fall but are definitely worth supporting!


Botanika Beauty The Revitalizer Deep Conditioning Mask ($12)

When it comes to nourishing your curls back to health — moisture is key. In fact, if you don’t already deep condition at least once a week, you definitely want to make sure you do during the colder months when curls are even more prone to dryness. This ultra-hydrating treatment formulated with Dominican friendly ingredients like mango butter, garlic, and avocado, not only conditions hair but it also strengthens, repairs and revitalizes damaged strands leaving curls with much more bounce, softness, and shine. In other words, it’s the holy grail of hair masks for curly hair!


Bomba Curls Dominican Forbidden Hair Oil ($22)

If hair loss, breakage, or damage are what you’re dealing with, this premium blend of oils will probably do wonders for your curls. Bomba Curls’ founder Lulu Cordero resolved her own hair woes when she created this treatment formulated with coffee seed oil ( a true Dominican hair secret), castor oil, black cumin seed oil, and rosemary extract. It not only works to deeply moisturize hair, but it also promotes a healthy scalp by stimulating hair follicles and boosting growth. For noticeable results, we recommending carving out some once a week self-care time.


Rizos Curls Defining Cream ($22)

There’s a reason why so many curly-haired girls swear by this product and it’s because it really does work wonders. This special formula features key natural ingredients including, aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut oil that work to deeply condition, reduce frizz, leaving curls silk soft, and full of bounce, definitions, and volume. We recommended using the Rizos Curls Pink Detangling Flexi Brush ($15) to get knots and tangles out before styling. It’s a major game changer!


Honey Baby Naturals Honeychild Moisture Balance Gentle Shampoo ($11)

If co-washing doesn’t leave with a clean enough scalp, this sulfate-free shampoo will literally change your life. Formulated with a special blend of premium honey and chamomile leaves, this super-hydrating formula not only gently cleanses leaving dry, itchy flakes at bay, but it also deeply moisturizes leaving hair super soft to the touch.


Pink Root Leave-In Conditioner ($21)

Mariel Mejia founded Pink Root Products in 2015 after wanting to restore and revitalize her hair after years of relaxing. The line’s super creamy leave-in conditioner formula is formulated with sweet almond oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin E oil that not only leaves hair moisturized and nourished but also works to “improve scalp circulation, prevent hair loss, add shine, and increase volume.” Perfect for everything from wash & go’s, braid outs, twist outs, and protective styling.


OrganiGrowHair Growtein Free Deep Moisture Condish ($21)

After a bad hair cut that left her traumatized and heat-damaged that was so apparent only her roots were curly, Kay Cola was inspired to create OrganiGrowHair in an effort to bring her natural and healthy curls back. The Growtein Free Deep Moisture Condish is loaded with omega fatty acids, vitamins A, D3, and E to deeply restore dry, damaged strands while also promoting hair growth. 

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