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Curly Hair Gift Guide Featuring Latinx-Owned Brands

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
You might not automatically think that gifts related to someone’s hair texture are a thing, but trust us…curly haircare can get really expensive, really fast, so it’s always awesome to be gifted new or even favorite products. Plus, anyone who...

My Natural Hair Journey & How Afro-Latinx/Black-Owned Brands Have Played A Part In It

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
I’ve worn my hair naturally curly for so long now, that sometimes I actually go years without straightening it at all. But, it’s been a long and time-consuming process to get here. As an Afro-Boricua, I grew up thinking that...

10 Afro-Latina and Black-Owned Haircare Brands You Need to Try

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Finding the right haircare products for your specific hair type can be a challenge, especially when you have naturally curly or kinky hair. It’s something that many Afro-Latinx and Black women have dealt with their entire lives, particularly because finding...

Cory Booker Is Bringing The Crown Act to Congress to End Hair Discrimination Nationwide

Johanna Ferreira
  Black people have been facing hair discrimination in the states for centuries — black women especially. To be told that the natural hair that grows from your scalp isn’t appropriate at work or even in schools is not only...