6 Summer Collections from Latina-Owned Brands You Need to Check Out

Summer is almost officially here and as we slowly transition to post-pandemic life we’re excited to actually get out of our loungewear (though not for long, let’s be real) and enjoy outings with our friends


Photos: Viva La Bonita/Reina Rebelde/JZD

Summer is almost officially here and as we slowly transition to post-pandemic life we’re excited to actually get out of our loungewear (though not for long, let’s be real) and enjoy outings with our friends. But we’re not the only ones on the move, the economy is also once again improving and small businesses are reviving after an undoubtedly difficult year. We’re all about supporting Latina entrepreneurs like Jen Zeano of Jen Zeano Designs and Joanna and Leslie, the duo behind Vive Cosmetics, who have dedicated their brands to elevating Latinidad. Read on to discover the latest collections from some of our favorite Latina-owned brands that’ll keep you looking stylish this summer.

Tinted Lip Balm Collection by Vive Cosmetics

The self-proclaimed Latina Beauty Brand has been a long-time favorite because of their long-lasting array of lipsticks and glosses. They recently launched two new tinted lip balms for their “Muy Tinted” collection: “Un Quickie” (red) and “Que Cute” (neutral pink). We can safely say the balms don’t skimp on color or moisture so add these two to your makeup bag for a go-to balm that adds a little color without being too flashy and ensures your labios stay baby smooth.


“Del Alma” Collection by Lights Label


Cuban-American Youtube star and entrepreneur Kathleen Fuentes aka Kathleen Lights released the Del Alma zodiac collection featuring attire for astrological signs with an ode to beloved icon Walter Mercado. The tees are simple on the front (name of zodiac sign) and artistic on the back with beautiful zodiac art along with descriptions for the sign. We also appreciate the little details including the tag with the message “de mi para ti” as well as the description of the elements that inspired the collection.


“Growing Through It” Collection by Jen Zeano Designs

Photo courtesy of JZD

Latina empowerment brand Jen Zeano Designs is a long-time favorite dedicated to promoting Latina Power (it’s one of their signature tees) with clothing and accessories emblazoned with powerful messages. Jen and Veronica Zeano, the married duo behind the brand, just released their latest collection “Growing through it” inspired by everyone’s unique journey. The collection includes “Poderosa” and “Latina Power” swimsuits, a “Grow at Your Own Pace” tank, and a tee that reads “There’s a past version of you that’s so proud of how far you’ve come.”

“We live in a world where it can be easy to constantly compare your life to those around you. We glorify achieving things before a certain age, reaching milestones faster than those around us, and practically racing through life chasing goals. This collection celebrates the opposite. Taking our time. Slowing down. Enjoying the process. Celebrating both the highs and lows. We hope this collection reminds you that it’s okay to do things at your own pace,” they wrote on their site.


Lip Brilliance Collection by Reina Rebelde

Photo courtesy of Reina Rebelde

Regina Merson, founder of Reina Rebelde, knows how to care for your labios. Their fan-favorite and award-winning red lipstick “Brava” is always a good choice and now they’ve released two new nudes that are ideal for a subdued summer look. “Bomba”  is more of a mauve while  “Virgencita” is more of a warm-rose shimmer. What we love most is that unlike some other glosses, these are not sticky and, just as advertised, they aren’t sticky which is key for the summer.


LA GRL x Inve$t in Your Hood by GRL Collective

‘GRL Collective’ Founder Kristine Rodriguez is the Mexican-American entrepreneur behind this activist driven brand that devoted to empowering communities of color. Their latest, “Invest in Your Hood“,  is all about investing in your community with the message emblazoned on tees and bucket hats not to mention original artwork supporting street vendors. The collection is in line with the brand’s overall focus on community and empowerment: “GRL Collective is a Latina founded lifestyle brand for grls that give a f*ck. We donate 20% of our profits to fund girls education in India through our non-profit partners, The Sambhali Trust.”


“The Essentials” Collection by Viva La Bonita

Photo: Vivalabonita.com

With the tagline “creating the life of my dreams, might as well be comfy along the way”, The Essentials collection from Viva La Bonita is all about cozy and comfy sweats and tees. Their signature “bonita” is emblazoned on the sweats and sweatshirts and for a powerful statement piece for your home there’s the “be your loudest hype woman” rug.  Treat yourself or your mejor amiga/hermana to some cozy and cute positivity with the full set.

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