Florida Teen Takes Her Best Friend to Prom (Her Dog!) — and People Love Every Minute of It

Like most pet lovers, Brenda Sierra, 18, takes her doggy everywhere she can

Photo: Twitter/@_brendasierra

Photo: Twitter/@_brendasierra

Like most pet lovers, Brenda Sierra, 18, takes her doggy everywhere she can. In fact, her dog is super protective if she feel not included in Sierra’s life. Evidence below:


Sasha, a 7-year-old rescue dachshund, is her companion 24/7.

The Florida teen explains:

She’s like my best friend,” Sierra told BuzzFeed. “I do everything with her. Anywhere that a dog is allowed, I bring her.”

So naturally Sierra wanted to include Sasha in her prom festivities.


Sierra actually got extra material that was the same as her own prom dress and made a custom made dress just for her.

So, was Sierra’s date, Rodney Sesler, 19, okay with being the third wheel? Yes! He wanted Sacha to come too!


So how did the trio look on prom night? See for yourself:


Sierra and her pup got so much attention for their prom stunt, too!


They even got a shout out on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


It’s just a matter of time before Sierra gets Sasha a Hollywood agent because she belongs in show business!

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