5 Latinas Share How to Become Your Best Self in 2019

There is no easier time than now to begin shaming yourself with unrealistic expectations about what you should be in 2019

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

There is no easier time than now to begin shaming yourself with unrealistic expectations about what you should be in 2019. Each year, so many of us drown ourselves in negative self-talk disguised as resolutions. “I should have more money by now,” “I really need to lose weight,” and “I am not going to make the same stupid relationship mistakes,” are just a few of the restrictive judgments we place on ourselves in hopes that they’ll ground us in the reality that we need to do better.

But what is a true glow up? Does it require tons of money, the perfect body, and a #relationshipgoals romance? Or, does the glow start from within?

We sat down with some of the most successful and grounded women we know and asked them what it really takes to have a glow up in 2019 that defies the typical expectations. Here’s what they had to say. wp_*posts

Massy Arias, Fitness Influencer

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“I believe women can continue to be their best self by first shifting their perspectives. By continuing to strive for progress and perfection we can train our mind and bodies to become the best version of yourself.

Mental and physical health are equally important and we must be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle that will lead to a lifestyle change. Consistency is a major key with our daily lives and it starts with a positive mindset so we have to continue to stay focused on our long-term goals.”


Joanna Vargas, Beauty Entrepreneur

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“Value yourself by investing a bit more time in your own maintenance. Whether it is an exercise ritual or a great nighttime skincare ritual, put value into yourself!”


Jaqui Rodriguez, Spiritual Healer & Reiki Master

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“I always go back to meditation because there is nothing more impactful than developing a deep connection with yourself. Meditation creates a bridge between you and God, your guides and strengthens the intuition. The foundation of a lot of what I have created so far stems from that connection.

Many people say they cannot meditate or don’t know how because there is so much confusion around this, meditation is not about clearing the mind as we may have heard, it’s about awareness and presence. My favorite app is “Insight Timer;” I will be providing free meditations in 2019 through the app.”

Janel Martinez, Journalist & Entrepreneur

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“Focus on self. As women, whether because of societal or even cultural expectations and norms, we can put the needs of others before our own. Leave that mentality in 2018. In order for us to live our best lives, we must first nurture ourselves holistically —  spiritually, mentally, physically. Only then can we tend to our commitments and others in a healthy manner.

Healthy boundary settings are key to self-care and, ultimately, not putting others before you. Having absolutely no boundaries can lead to resentment, anger and burn out; however, healthy boundaries are freeing and actually support your relationship with yourself and others.

When you effectively communicate your boundaries, you’re letting others know how to treat you. Will some people fall off? Possibly. But that means they’ve been invested in a lower vibrational version of yourself, not the ever-evolving, healthy version of you.

Learning to set boundaries isn’t easy. Most times it comes after saying, ‘enough is enough.’ How you go about establishing boundaries is by recognizing your current boundaries, and what you will and will not allow into your space. That also means understanding why those boundaries are important to you and what’s at stake when said boundaries are crossed. ”

Annie Vasquez, Wellness Entrepreneur

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“Invest in a journal. Pour your goals in it daily. Dedicate 5 minutes to writing. It will give you clarity on what you want, empower you & help you manifest those dreams quicker in your life. Even if you’re not in the mood, open it up, set a timer and write.”

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