5 Latinas Share How to Become Your Best Self in 2019

There is no easier time than now to begin shaming yourself with unrealistic expectations about what you should be in 2019. Each year, so many of us drown ourselves in negative self-talk disguised as resolutions. “I should have more money by now,” “I really need to lose weight,” and “I am not going to make the same stupid relationship mistakes,” are just a few of the restrictive judgments we place on ourselves in hopes that they’ll ground us in the reality that we need to do better.

But what is a true glow up? Does it require tons of money, the perfect body, and a #relationshipgoals romance? Or, does the glow start from within?

We sat down with some of the most successful and grounded women we know and asked them what it really takes to have a glow up in 2019 that defies the typical expectations. Here’s what they had to say.




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