8 Signs You’re a Latino Dog Parent

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Signs Latino Dog Parent

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To us Latinos, family is everything and always comes first. Same goes for our furry best friends! As part of the family, they get all the love, care and special treatment from our parents as the unofficial-official nieto. To get you hyped up for the premiere of Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog on National Geographic Friday, July 30 9/8c, here are some tell tale signs that we can all relate to as a Latino dog parents:


1. “¿Ya comiste mijo?” dog edition

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Latino families love good food and more importantly, we love sharing that good food. And our dogs are just more family members to praise our cooking. Whether you’re preparing homemade dog food or dog-friendly treats for your pets, you’re making them with mucho amor! Oh and nothing hurts more than your dog not liking something you cooked. You finally understand how your mom felt when you were growing up.


2. They are always featured in the family photos shared en el Facebook

From Santa Dog to Puppy Elf, we always get our dogs ready for the family photo with the matching outfits. We know that the tías will swoon over them on Facebook, especially with a bunch of emojis in the comments. How else are we suppose to brag about how cute our family is? 


3. We’re always extra when it comes to them

Need an example? Doggy quinces exist! What better way to celebrate your dog’s 15th doggy year than with a traditional quince, decked out in pink, and all! With the other family dogs as damas and chambelanes it’s a can’t miss family affair. Add a doggy-friendly cake for our pup and a tres leches cake for the fam, and you’re good to go. 


4. Your mom makes your dog pray with her

Nothing is more of a sign of being a Latino dog parent than watching your mom do the rosario with your dog. Extra points if she makes your dog watch the mass on tv with her. 


5. You like having matching outfits with your dog

If it’s cute, doggy safe approved, and matches us, WE ARE BUYING IT. It’s not fashion, it’s a lifestyle… even if it means getting matching chanclas. 


6. You’re not “la princesa de la casa” anymore, your dog is


Latino dogs are the unofficial official nietos and nietas of the family, so they get all the princess treatment. The princesa title comes with a full royal treatment complete with endless cuddles, appreciation posts on Facebook, many gifts during birthdays and holidays, and more! 


7. Tingylinlingylila 


Of all the spoiling and baby talk that we do to our dogs, this one is the most famous by far! Our abuelas did it with our moms, our moms with us, and now we get to do it with our dogs. 


8. We made sure they learn the cultura 

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Our pets are our family, so therefore they adopt our culture when we adopt them. Oh and we swear they understand Spanish! 

Catch the premiere of Cesar Millan: Better Human, Better Dog on National Geographic Friday, July 30 9/8c!

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