14 Latino Holiday Memes That Crack Us Up

  Christmas is inching close, and that means spending time with our crazy families, eating way too much delicious food, dancing like locas, and celebrating it all Latino style

Photo: Unsplash/@bernardhermant

Photo: Unsplash/@bernardhermant

Christmas is inching close, and that means spending time with our crazy families, eating way too much delicious food, dancing like locas, and celebrating it all Latino style. The following memes capture all the fun that ensues when Navidad rolls around.


‘Round Here We Do Things a Little Different


While everyone else is waiting until the 25th to celebrate Christmas, we are getting a head start on the 24th. We party, eat, drink, and are merry on Christmas Eve, opening our presents at midnight. Add this to the other several perks of being Latino.


We Can Celebrate Until January 6


We also have the added bonus of celebrating Dia de los Reyes on January 6. Also known as the Epiphany, this day pays homage to the Three Kings who visited baby Jesus and confirmed he was the son of God. A Rosca de Reyes (king’s cake) is eaten during the festivities.


No “Silent Night” Around Here


The song “Silent Night” was not written about Latino families during the holidays, that’s for sure. While “all is calm” elsewhere, we have mami freaking out over how clean the house is (or isn’t, in her eyes), the kids running around, the music at high volume, and Christmas going down the only way we know how.


The House is Clean, Mom!

Did we mention that Latina moms are obsessed with the house being clean? Especially when there is visita? Especially during the holidays? It’s no joke.


The Pozole is Going to Get You Tonight


For some reason, any sense of portion control goes right out the window during Latino Christmas. We eat, take breaks, and go back for more yummy goodness.


And This is How Peruvians Do Christmas

Pretty pesembres (Nativity scenes) meet pisco when it comes to Peruvian Christmas. The country’s festivities also include eating some paneton with a cup of hot chocolate.


And Puerto Ricans

The Boricua households will have pasteles por vida during the holidays. Pasteles are like tamales, but made with green bananas and green plantains (and/or yuca).


And Colombians

As a Colombian, I’m just going to put it out there. It’s not a Colombian Christmas (or celebration, for that matter) without some aguardiente in the house.


Still Time to Wrap the Presents

We Latinos don’t open our presents until midnight on Christmas Eve (unless the adults feel bad for the kids and let them open them a little earlier). This means you can sneak in last minute gifts and wrap them up before anyone notices.


So. Much. Food.

We are not exaggerating when we speak of all the food that is involved with Latino Christmas. There are multiple appetizers, sides, desserts (especially when it’s a balance between Latino food and American Christmas food). You literally will have comida saliendo por los oidos (food coming out of your ears).


Welcome to “Y el Novio?” Season


Cue up the eye rolls, ladies. The holidays for Latinas also include the obligatory interrogation by the family known as “y tu/el novio?” Maybe we don’t have a boyfriend (and that’s OK)! Or do and don’t want to talk about it!


Checking on the Pernil

The Latino kitchen is craziness during Christmas. We always have like 20 things baking, frying, and boiling. If mom asks you to check on the pernil, be prepared to shield your makeup, m’ija.



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Latina moms like to take whatever opportunity to let us know that they are ninjas, who move in silence and get things done. This includes getting us those presents they swore they wouldn’t.


It’s All About the Recalentado


So you thought we just eat a ton of food for Christmas and that’s it?! No, no, no. During the holidays, our families make enough food to fortify a small nation, which means recalentado (or leftovers) for days. Which means your diet doesn’t go back to normal for at least another week.

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