Latino Owned Breweries You Need to Visit in the U.S.

Latinx owned breweries are hard to come by and with more than 5,000 breweries in the United States, it's no surprise they are hard to find

Dyckman Beer Co.

Image: Facebook/@DyckmanBeerCo.

What stands out the most about Latinx breweries is that their product includes Latin American ingredients and that makes it all more special. Breweries like 5 Rabbit Cerveceria and Brewjeria Company bundle up all of their culture and put it into their beers. Here are nine Latinx owned breweries in the United States with attention-worthy beer and buenas vibras all day long.


Dyckman Beer Co. in New York City, New York

Photo: Facebook/@DykmanBeerCo.

Dyckman Beer Co. first opened in 2012 and, according to their site, was the first Latino-owned brewery in New York City. Juan Camilo founded the brewery and wanted to create beer that was inspired by his Latinx roots. He named the brewery after the street he grew up on in the Washington Heights and offers IPA, ales, and many other beers.


Brewjeria Company in Pico Rivera, California

Photo: Instagram/@brewjeriacompany

Raul Gomez and Agustin Ruelas founded Brewjeria Company in 2010 that started with an at-home brewing kit and they now have over 14,000 followers on social media. Not only do they offer a variety of beers but they also give back to the community partnering  with various organizations such as LA Walks and the Mexican Consulate of Los Angeles. Make sure you try their “Step Into Power” beer, a clean Kölsch brewed with guamuchiles and rose water, perfect for these hot summer days.


Raices Brewing Company

Photo: Instagram/@raicesbrewing

Raices Brewing Company is a place that brings community, culture, and cerveza together. Founded by José D. Beteta, Tamil Maldonado Vega, and Martín D. Vargas, Raices has a wide selection of award winning craft beers and Latin American food. If you’re passing through Colorado make sure you stop by and try the Manguito, a beer brewed with real mango and very easy to drink.


5 Rabbit Cerveceria in Chicago, Illinois

Photo: Instagram/@5rabbitbrewery

5 Rabbit Cerveceria is actually the first Latinx owned and operated craft cerveceria in the United States. Created by Andres Araya, this place is authentic, community centered, and Latinx proud. One of their best sellers right now is the El Mate (Loteria #13) which is a tea-like beer with a hint of marjoram herb. Each beer is crafted with flavors from South and Central America and each can is Instagram-friendly.


Wynwood Brewing Company

Photo: Instagram/@wynwoodbrewing

Wynwood Brewing Company was founded by Luis Brignoni and his Father, Luis. This brewery is located in Miami and the owner’s Puerto Rican heritage shines through their beer. Their beers are made for the hot Miami weather and they even won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival competition in 2014. They are known for their American Blonde Ale, La Rubia, which is perfect for a sunny South Beach day.


Xicha Brewing

Photo: Instagram/@xichabrewing

Xicha Brewing is Oregon’s only Latinx brewery that offers fresh Latin American food and house-brewed European ales and lagers. This August they are releasing three new beers: the Guava, the Playa Pils, and the Cerveza Negra.


Ode Brewing Co. in El Paso, Texas

Photo: Instagram/@odebrewing

Albert Salinas and his partner, Norbert Portillo, founded Ode Brewery in El Paso, Texas. There dedication and expertise of craft beer and good food makes this the perfect spot to try this summer. Try the La Gringa beer and pair it with their shrimp sopita, because true happiness is hot sopita with a cold beer.


Progress Brewing in Los Angeles, California

Photo: Instagram/@progressbrewing

Diego Benitez came from Mexico where his parents actually made homemade wine. He carried on the family trade and that eventually led to homemade beer and the creation of Progress Brewing. You can get beer such as the Emiliano Mexican Lager, a nitro sour ale, the Santa Muerte, and many more. Benitez does offer wine at his brewery and you can even join the Progress Beer of the Month Club.


DeadBeach Brewery in El Paso, Texas

Image: Instagram/@deadbeachbrewery

Gabriel Montoya and Ray Campos were born and raised in El Paso, Texas and have always had a passion for big, bold beers. They started DeadBeach Brewery in 2013 and were inspired by the Franklin Mountains and hard working citizens of their city. Their location offers beers, live music, and amazing BBQ so it’s a one-stop shop for a good time.

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