14 of the Best Latinx Back to School Swag to Shop

We’re in full back-to-school mode, which means it’s time to shop for all your escuela supplies

Photo: Etsy/Es La Maestra

Photo: Etsy/Es La Maestra

We’re in full back-to-school mode, which means it’s time to shop for all your escuela supplies. While covering all the basics, you still want to have fun with what you purchase. After all, you’re going to be looking at them all the time, so they should be something in color, style, or theme that speaks to you. And what is more inspiring and orgullo-producing than products that represent and shout out Latinx culture? Who doesn’t want a notebook or pen that reminds you of who you are and where you come from?

That’s why we wanted to prep you with a shoppable back-to-school roundup, featuring 14 dope AF Latinx items that will help fuel the fire of achieving your goals, while simultaneously looking fly.

The Writing Shop Afro-Latina Notebook

Photo: The Writing Shop/Etsy

The first supercute Latinx school supply you should snatch up is this Afro-Latina notebook by The Writing Shop. It features an Afro-Latina girl on the cover, with a halo of curls, a pencil on the ready, and her attention focused on a book. The words “Dear Woke Brown Girl” complete the empowering notebook where you’ll write down all your dreams and goals.

Available at etsy.com, $19.99

SassyInks Puchica Pen

Photo: SassyInks/Etsy

The Spanish slang word puchica basically means “damn,” and is popular in Latin American countries including El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. So of course, we had to include this pen by SassyInks that says puchica on it on our Latinx school supplies list! Added bonus, it’s only $3.50!

Available at etsy.com, $3.50

Sunmoonet Selena Backpack

Photo: Amazon

It’s safe to say that we will buy practically anything with Selena on it. This includes bags that we would use on the regular! This cool Selena Quintanilla backpack is perfect for school and beyond, large enough to hold your entire mobile life.

Available at amazon.com, $20.79

Dos Estrellas Maria Felix Cabrona y Bonita Quote Notebook

Photo: Dos Estrellas/Etsy

Badass quotes motivate us to be our best selves. Maria Felix’s legendary quote about being more cabrona than she is pretty is a reminder that strength is the ultimate form of beauty. Which makes this rose trimmed notebook by Dos Estrellas such an essential buy.

Available at etsy.com, $15

Hija de tu Madre Poderosa Pen Set

Photo: Hija de tu Madre

Hija de tu Madre is on the forefront of dope Latinx jefa gear for your office and beyond. You’ll want many of their items for back to school, including this set of four pens that say “fuerza,” “poderosa,” “jefa,” and “dale.”

Available at hijadetumadre.com, $29.99

Artelexia Chingaderas Que Hacer Notepad

Photo: Artelexia

Lists are awesome. They guarantee that you know what you need to do and buy, keep you organized, and prevent you from forgetting everything (because it does happen). But who says your to-do lists have to be boring? This hilarious one from Artelexia allows you to note down all the chingaderas you plan on accomplishing. Each section separates the level of importance, from “ahuevo,” to “ponte las pilas,” to “chingale.” This is definitely worth getting for your own office area or home in general. But it’s also just a funny as heck gift to give all your procrastinating amigas. Ponte las pilas, mi’jas!

Available on artelexia.com, $16

Cortez Made Co. Corazon de Melon Zipper Pouch

Photo: Cortez Made Co./Etsy

You already know you have a corazon de melon, so this adorable zippered pouch is perfect for you. Cortez Made Co.’s bag lets you colorfully celebrate your culture, while also holding all your stuff. Win, win!

Available at etsy.com, $15

Es La Maestra Educated Latina Sticker

Photo: Es La Maestra/Etsy

You’re a proud educated Latina, so why not let the world know? You’ll definitely want to with these cool stickers by Es La Maestra. Throw one on your plain black notebook to give it some Latinx personality!

Available at etsy.com, $3.50

Hija de tu Madre Make Jefa Moves Notebook Set

Photo: Hija de tu Madre

These handy, cute, and inspirational notebooks by Hija de tu Madre are just the notebooks you need to jot down all your school notes in style. Not only is the color scheme adorbs and on-trend, but the notebooks are also emblazoned with words which any student wants to see as much as possible like, “you’re doing great m’ija,”eres fuego,” and “make jefa moves.” Not only will you feel prepared for writing down ideas but you’ll also feel supported!

Available at hijadetumadre.com, $26.99

Anda Pa’l – #corazonenCuba Canvas Pouch Bag

Photo: Anda Pa’l

If you left your heart in Havana like Camila Cabello, then this pretty zippered pouch by Ande Pa’l is just for you. You can use it for all your pencils, pens, highlighters, and other school supplies; your makeup; or all those small things that always float around your bag. Added bonus? It’s on sale for only $5!

Available at andepal.com, $5.00

Es La Maestra Chingona and Educated Latina Pencils

Photo: Es La Maestra/Etsy

There’s a good chance you’ll need some pencils when it comes to your back to school shopping. Why have those boring yellow pencils when you can have cool Latinx ones?! Es La Maestra carries these cool black pencils with Old English font, saying either “chingona,” or “educated Latina.” You can get a mixed set of the two (4 pencils) for only $6.

Available at etsy.com, $6

Dos Estrellas Carajo Notebook

Photo: Dos Estrellas/Etsy

You can never have too many notebooks in life. Especially when you’re a student. Special themed notebooks make sitting through those long classes a bit easier, no? Have fun with school! This 120-page carajo notebook by Dos Estrellas (they have a ton of great stuff!) is hilarious, cultural, and functional.

Available at etsy.com, $15

Very That Chingona Heart Bookmark

Photo: Very That

Bookmarks are invaluable, and they can also shout out your cultura and who you are. Just take this chingona heart bookmark by Very That, for example. You’ll never want to use a torn-out piece of paper to save your place in a book again.

Available at verythat.com, $6

Cortez Made Co. Echale Ganas Tote Bag

Photo: Cortez Made Co./Etsy

Once you have all your school supplies, you’re going to need a fly bag to carry it all in. This tote by Cortez Made Co. is adorable, available in a variety of colors, and reminds you to echale ganas, m’ijas!

Available at etsy.com, $18

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