13 Latinx and Black-Owned Clean Skincare Brands

We’re all on the hunt for safe, healthy and effective skincare and body products aren’t we? After years of slathering on potentially toxic creams and lotions, many of us are working hard to detox and repair our skin, as well as eliminate harmful ingredients from our skincare routines going forward

Latinx/Black Skincare Lines

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We’re all on the hunt for safe, healthy and effective skincare and body products aren’t we? After years of slathering on potentially toxic creams and lotions, many of us are working hard to detox and repair our skin, as well as eliminate harmful ingredients from our skincare routines going forward. But finding products that meet all of our skincare needs is tough. But, there are some incredible Latinx, Afro-Latinx and Black skincare brands out there that are trying to make it even just a bit easier on all of us.

Afro-Latinx and Black entrepreneurs who’ve found themselves frustrated with the lack of options for safe products that meet the needs of melanated skin have developed products that meet the unique skincare needs of people of color. We also wanted to highlight some of the Latinx-owned brands that are using natural ingredients inspired by their roots to create effective skincare products. To get your healthy skincare routine on track and support Latinx, Afro-Latinx- and Black-owned businesses, check out some of our skincare recommendations below.wp_*posts

Skinergy Beauty

Owned by Afro-Latina Priscilla Jiminian, Skinergy Beauty offers a range of high-end skincare products created with ingredients that are native to the Dominican Republic. The line is best known for its dark spot correcting cream, but includes products suitable for use by people with all skin tones and textures. That said, Priscilla told HipLatina, “Skinergy Beauty greatly benefits Latinas because each product is specifically formulated with our skin in mind.”wp_*posts

Reina Skincare

Reina Skincare has everything you need to make your skin glow. The products, which include everything from body oils to facial toners and serums, are handmade and feature ingredients inspired by the Caribbean, like coconut butter and avocado oil. Whether you’re looking for face masks, body butters or exfoliators, Reina Skincare offers it all.wp_*posts

Gloryscent Beauty

“I became aware of the harmful ingredients in many brands. And I am one who believes that nature holds all the components to create effective products to aid in achieving a healthy complexion,” Gloryscent Beauty Afro-Latinx founder Rafaela Gonzalez wrote on the company’s site, describing the experiences of so many of us. She stepped in and began creating incredible and innovative products like Gloryscent’s enzyme cleansing gel which doubles as a mask, and an elixir that is formulated to protect against environmental damage.wp_*posts



Pinkness is a super-cool skincare brand created by Afro-Latinx influencer Farah Pink with just a single product back in 2018. Now, her beauty oil is a holy grail product for many skincare-obsessed chicas and the line has expanded to include a face mist  as well. Both products use clean ingredients and are cruelty-free.wp_*posts

Sunkiss Organics

Sunkiss Organics will help you achieve all-over healthy skin with its range of skincare products that includes body scrubs, face masks, acne treatments, cleansers, toners, moisturizers and more. Developed by Afro-Latina Jessica Jade when she herself was experiencing a bout of eczema, all of the products are organic and include natural, nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil and rose water.wp_*posts



Nyakio Beauty is a clean skincare brand that prioritizes using only high-quality, often fair-trade ingredients, inspired by founder Nyakio Grieco’s African heritage. The line features a number of oils, balms and moisturizers, all of which are sulfate-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free, and were created based on traditional practices.wp_*posts

Morena Apothecary

Still in its infancy, Morena Apothecary is a Black/Latinx founded skincare company based in the Bronx, that is offering a number of natural skin and haircare products. That includes a lush honey face mask, a nail and cuticle serum, a pore-refining pink clay mask, a facial serum, a hydrating body scrub and a lovely whipped body butter. Orders are currently through Instagram DM only. Let’s show some support!wp_*posts

Temple Zen


The beautifully branded Temple Zen line of skincare products is Black and LGBTQ founded, and features products specifically designed with the goal of healing the skin from maladies like rashes, chafing, burns, blisters and cracking. Every product is handmade in small batches using therapeutic essential oils that serve double duty as mood boosters and pain minimizers. The line features cleansers, toners, masks, body butters and more.wp_*posts


With a tag line like “soul food for the skin,” how could you go wrong? Pholk Beauty is a Black-owned skincare brand intended to help balance and nourish melanated skin. They offer face washes, masks, mists and oils for various skin types, and even have a convenient skin quiz on their site, to help customers pick the very best products for their skincare needs.wp_*posts


Unsun is an awesome sunscreen brand that has developed SPF products specifically with people of color in mind. Founder Katonya Breaux wanted to create clean products that were effective for POC, and achieved just that with the company’s original sunscreen. The line has now expanded to include highlighters and moisturizers that all have SPF in them, and work for people of all skin tones.wp_*posts

Bubbly Moon Naturals

Bubbly Moon Naturals is a small, Afro-Latinx skincare company that has been steadily growing over the past few years. All of the products are vegan and eco-friendly, and everything is handcrafted. It all started with the handmade soaps the owner learned how to make from her family in Puerto Rico, and the line now includes lotions, deodorants, scrubs, soaps and more.


Uviña Skin


Jelitsa Legarreta officially launched plant and fruit-based skincare line Uviña Skin October 2020 but spent two year developing the brand and formulas to maximize results while simplifying skincare routines. As a new mama she tells HipLatina that she wanted to streamline her skin care routine but didn’t want to sacrifice results or quality. “I wanted to develop effective formulas using non-irritating, nourishing ingredients that would provide results in less steps,” she says. She offers three products: the Isabel Peppermint facial cleansing bar, the Gaby antioxidant-rich and soothing serum, and the Aida Intensely Hydrating Moisturizer. The products are named after her grandmother, aunt, and godmother with the brand itself named her mother, all with the intention of honoring the powerful Latinas in her family. All of the ingredients are broken down on the product pages to help consumers understand what is in the product and why. As it’s a clean beauty brands, there aren’t any irritating ingredients or artificial fragrances so it’s also perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.



The tagline for Latinx-owned brand Vamigas is “Clean beauty made from Latin American Botanicals” so you can expect nourishing ingredients like Maqui, Acai and Maracuja. Their signature oil Luz De Sur is a blend of eight fragrance-free, 100 percent naturally derived Latin American Botanicals in one and it’s one we can attest to! Christina Kelmon, who has roots in Oaxaca, Mexico and Ann Murray-Dunning, who immigrated from Chile, are the co-founders who were inspired by their roots to develop a line for and by Latinas. They share on their website that they looked at the beauty brands available to Latinas and they were full of non-clean ingredients so they teamed up to develop products with botanicals from throughout LATAM including Chile, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador. In addition to their signature oil, they also have a clarifying cleanser, face mist, body oil, and hair oil all made with naturally soothing and effective ingredients. Because they know being a mama means you’ve got a lot going on, they also offer a Mañanita Kit and a Nochecita Kit to streamline your morning/night skin care routines.

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