25 Memes That Express How Much Latinos Love A Good Cup of Cafécito

Most Latinos — of course, not all — love themselves a good cup of cafécito

Photo: Unsplash/@karlchor

Photo: Unsplash/@karlchor

Most Latinos — of course, not all — love themselves a good cup of cafécito. We love it’s strong and delicious flavor, how it warms us up on a cold day, and are forever grateful for the energy it gives us for adulting. But coffee is more than just that for Latinos. It’s such an integral part of our culture especially if you’re from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Mexico.

We also love how cafécito creates an opportunity to connect. It’s our version of sipping and sharing tea. It encourages bonding time. Coffee is everything for a lot of Latinos, which is why we wanted to take a humorous yet loving look at how much we actually love our cafécito, through memes, Instagram posts, and the like. Check them out and don’t hesitate to share!


Life happens and cafécito often helps.

Life is going to throw all kinds of random and sometimes upsetting things your way. Think of cafécito like a hot, comforting barrier to all that BS. It caffeinates you and leaves you feeling full of energy. It’s that one beverage that can instantly wake you up even when you’re going through the toughest of times. You got this, m’ija!


A cup of coffee costs little but does so much.

Coffee definitely provides a lot of bang for your buck. Think about it — for as cheap as a few dollars — you instantly get a mood boost. It makes you feel more alert and more focused and gives you the energy to take on your day. That’s priceless! Thank you, cafécito!wp_*posts

That first sip of cafécito be like…

Waking up in the morning and getting ready to go to work is so exhausting. You feel like a zombie walking around in slow motion, trying to remember everything before you get out the front door. That is until that first sip of delicious hot cafécito hits you. All of a sudden, you perk up, you can see clearly, and the morning starts making sense. It’s such a glorious moment!


More coffee or more coffee?

When someone asks you (or you ask yourself) if you want more coffee, is there any other answer than yes? Just keep the tazas de cafécito coming! In a world where there are so many decisions to be made, figuring out whether or not to pour a second cup is a no-brainer.


Cafécito leads to unrealistic expectations sometimes.

Cafécito can hyped you up so much you’re left thinking you can do anything. You’ll plan to get so much done and it doesn’t always necessarily pan out that way. The power of coffee is no joke but it can also mislead you into thinking you have more energy than you really do.


Coffee can leave us motivated.

Motivational quotes are very inspiring, and well, motivating. They will brighten up your whole day and make you see things in a more positive light. But sometimes, especially in the morning, all you want is a cup of coffee. You are in no mood for words — just cafécito and STAT!


A cup can help you get stuff done.

Let’s call cafécito for what it actually is — a cup that can help you get stuff done. Compare what you manage to get done without coffee, and then compare that to what you do accomplish. Coffee usually helps, no? It’s like the fuel we need for our day.


We can say crazy things before our first cup of coffee for the day.

If you’re not a morning person experience that super tiring midday slump, you might be a bit grouchy without your cafécito. It’s like the life has been drained out of you, and in those moments, you may say some not-nice things. We would like to take the moment to apologize now for all those things we said while uncaffeinated!


Coffee is life.

We all know that food and water are essential for human survival. But coffee, that’s for living. That’s for being in the moment, all full of energy, ready for some chisme, and feeling happy. Cafécito, and what it brings us and means to us, is an investment we are happy to pay for!


In our culture, coffee addiction starts early.

A lot of us Latinxs grew up drinking cafe con leche as kids, wondering if it actually stunted our growth. But it’s part of the culture! And, we can’t lie, it’s the perfect accompaniment to pan dulce, and other Latinx morning (or whenever) treats. You know that was an early introduction to your current coffee addiction!


Coffee is our morning tequila.

Tequila is the Mexican, Chicanx, and Latinx drink for ultimate turn-ups. Of course, we need something equally fuerte, but that’s also appropriate to drink at 7 a.m. on a Monday. This is where coffee comes in. It’s just as loved by Latinxs for its ability to wake us up.


Coffee is the opposite of hydration.

Photo: cowcountryhousewife.com/Pinterest

If you don’t already know, as a ballpark figure, you should be drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day. But how many of us reach for an iced coffee instead? It’s hilarious, but we need that caffeine! Just make sure to drink the water too, especially when you’re thirsty. Coffee dehydrates!


When the first sip of coffee hits you everything changes.

Before that first sip of coffee, you can be grumpy, irritated, annoyed, and don’t even want to make eye contact with anyone, or get anything done. Once that first sip of coffee hits you, it’s like the whole world changes. All of a sudden, you are happier, more approachable, and motivated to make this day count!


Any day is better with a good coffee.

Let’s face it — a day with coffee is just a better one. But we also can’t imagine a day without one. It’s hard to wrap our heads around that possibility.


Coffee helps those who sleep little and dream a lot.

We use coffee to keep us awake even when everyone else is sleeping (artists can definitely relate!). It also fuels all of our dreams, and gives us the focus and energy we need to go after them. A cup of cafecito is natural inspiration and motivation at its finest.


It’s hard to work without coffee.

Whether we like to openly admit this or not (or even realize it after all these years), we really don’t work until the coffee kicks in. I mean, do you really want to have to go back and navigate through what you attempted to do without that cup or two of coffee? We don’t!


Coffee is the beverage that checks you.

We aren’t above being checked by a good friend, especially when our attitude is not right. Coffee can be that friend sometimes. It can help to adjust your bad attitude in no time. It’s so funny how quickly our mood can be turned right around to a happy one once the caffeine hits us!


Drink some coffee, play some reggaeton, and handle it.


This shirt by Karla and Co. speaks truth!  Sometimes you just have to drink some coffee, play some reggaeton, and handle it! Thinking about it, even when things are going smoothly, coffee and reggaeton is just a part of our Latinx culture, that definitely motivates us to get things done on the regular.


Coffee with the BFF is its own therapy.


While we think therapy is an important tool for great mental health (check out Latinx Therapy, a great resource for Latinxs!), sometimes sitting with your BFF over a cup of coffee is all you need. It’s just a bonding experience like no other.


We want cafécito all day, every day.


Another Karla & Co. T-shirt we liked is this one that just lets the world know where our priorities lie. Coffee is clearly tied to our everyday professional lives, private lives, and woven into our culture.


Cafécito solves everything.


This meme is hilarious but true. It seems that the joy you get from sipping on some cafecito will help any situation you’re in. It improves your mood, keeps you energized and focused during busy days, and just adds that much-needed oomph to life. Coffee makes us make things happen.


Cafécito can spark confidence.

We got coffee in one hand and confidence in the other. That’s part of the formula for a successful workday, and successful life. Think of cafécito as the fuel for our dreams of tomorrow.


It’s cafécito o’clock.


What time is it? If you ask us, it’s coffee o-clock. While it’s not advised to drink coffee late in the day (you do want to sleep) or drink so much as to produce anxiety, chances are you probably get a cup or two in the morning and in the afternoon to keep that pep in your step.


What’s a day without coffee? No, Really?

We don’t know what a day without coffee is, and we don’t want to know. All jokes aside, coffee isn’t for everyone, and sometimes you do need a break, or just have to go without it. Like all things in life, you drink coffee the amount that works best for you. It doesn’t have to be a part of your life, even if it is a part of your culture. Do you!


Cafécito with chisme is really a thing.


This cute poster by Café Cariño says it all. Cafecito y chisme is just a Latinx thing. We brew some coffee, gather together, and just start talking about life and those we know. We can’t help it if chismes come up! At the end of the day, it’s all meant to be about connection and sharing (or oversharing).

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