25 Memes That Express How Much Latinos Love A Good Cup of Cafécito

Photo: Pexels

Most Latinos — of course, not all — love themselves a good cup of cafécito. We love it’s strong and delicious flavor, how it warms us up on a cold day, and are forever grateful for the energy it gives us for adulting. But coffee is more than just that for Latinos. It’s such an integral part of our culture especially if you’re from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Mexico.

We also love how cafécito creates an opportunity to connect. It’s our version of sipping and sharing tea. It encourages bonding time. Coffee is everything for a lot of Latinos, which is why we wanted to take a humorous yet loving look at how much we actually love our cafécito, through memes, Instagram posts, and the like. Check them out and don’t hesitate to share!




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