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Latinx Celebs Share Hope In The Wake of Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation has been a hard thing to swallow, especially for women and sexual assault survivors. Many of us went through the emotions when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford bravely brought forth her sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. The confirmation means that conservatives will have control of the nation’s highest courts and possibly for decades.

Since the confirmation, quite a few celebs have taken to social media to express their anger at his confirmation but also their hope for a better America.

America Ferrera shared a moving letter written by Valarie Kaur.


“November is on the horizon. Beautiful words from my wise sister @valariekaur #Repost,” Ferrera captioned the letter.

Eva Longoria is urging everyone to vote. 

She shared a list of all the US senators who voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to supreme court. “These are all the senators that voted for Kavanaugh. We MUST remember! And we must take all this anger we are feeling and turn it into action. Mid-terms are upon us! Let’s make sure a day like today doesn’t happen again,” she wrote.

Soledad O’Brien compared Sen. Collins’ explanation as to why she chose to vote Kavanaugh, in to a famous OJ quote.

Tessa Thompson used a Jasmin Kaur quote to express her anger.


“Scream. It’s a perfectly sound way to “confront injustice and erasure.” Yes it is, she captioned the post. “Thank you for your words, @jusmun. Scream sisters.”

John Leguizamo tweeted a number of tweets about making sure to vote.