23 Facts to Remind You of the Power of Our Latinx Community

Photo: Pexels

Knowledge is power and Latinxs have been historically been left out of the loop on a lot of important things they should know, including their own immense influence and power. This is how an entire people is made to believe that they don’t matter, make a difference, or can change things. This is how a population is controlled. But we do matter, are making a difference, and have already changed so much in this country. We are becoming the majority! Did you know that the number of Latina women entrepreneurs grew 137% between 2007 to 2016, making us the fastest growing of any group?! As of 2018, we are 59.9 million strong in the United States!

This is information we should — and must — know. How many people would feel more confident and motivated to do big things knowing just how much power we have? We wanted to empower us all by educating our people on how impactful our numbers truly are. The following are 23 stats and facts that showcase our collective Latinx/Hispanic power.




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