15 Classic Old Hollywood Films to Watch that Star Latinxs

Photo: Wikipedia

Part of celebrating and learning as much as we can about Latinx history and culture involves learning about Latinx achievements and accomplishments in pop culture. About the actors and actresses who made their mark, despite having to be trailblazers in an industry that wanted to keep them limited to certain roles, or none at all. The Salma Hayeks, Zoe Saldanas, and America Ferreras of today wouldn’t exist without the Rita Morenos, Katy Jurados, and Beatriz Michelenas of Old Hollywood.

In order to encourage all Latinxs to appreciate Latinx excellence of yesteryear, and to fill us up on all our pop culture, we are sharing 15 Old Hollywood films that star Latinx actors. Many of these you can stream online, or find on DVD. Some of these films go back to the silent film era, while others are as recent as the 1950s. They are part of our legacy, our achievements and accomplishments, and a major source of orgullo Latino. Here’s to a weekend or two of binge-watching these classic films!




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