17 Latinx Pinmakers You Should Know

My personal favorite thing about pins is finding ones you never knew you needed

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My personal favorite thing about pins is finding ones you never knew you needed. Do I need a pin of a Gizmo holding Baby Yoda? Or a pin of Drake with a Pikachu body? The answer is yes! Because let’s be real, if you own a jean jacket, a hat, fanny pack or a backpack — pins are kind of a must.

Pins might seem like a less obvious artistic flex, but they’re definitely a form of self-expression and social commentary. Pins also represent a pretty substantial and quirky subculture. The world of pins is steeped in fandom and it can get pretty weird pretty fast. But one of the ways Latinx pin creators set themselves apart is through their creativity. Their pins are reflective of our collective nostalgia as well as the fun mashups that occur when cultures and fandoms collide. Here are 17 Latinx Pin artists getting down with some serious design cred. Believe me, you’ll want to collect them all.



All hail and make way for the lord of the pins! And trust, that name is no coincidence. Pinlord’s IG is an aggregate of pinmakers, and their website is your one stop shop for everything pin related. You want the Golden Girls in The Simpsons style? You want Steve Harvey and Dr. Phil in a heart? Bojack Horseman as Bullseye from Toy Story? Don’t worry, they got you!


Get Poppin Co


These pins are definitely poppin! If you were looking for the East Coast Caribbean flava you found it. There are expressions like “wepa” “dique,” “cono” There are some dope Reggeatonero pins. Your jean jacket has been dying for Jbalvin, Bad Bunny, Karol G, Anuel AA. There are also Futbol club crests. There are fun pins like “Bachatero” “Salsera,” AOC, Hector Lavoe, it’s a good mix that doesn’t disappoint.

wp_*postsMove In Silencio


North Hollywood based pin shop Move In Silence co makes pins and tees. The pins can be summed up as LA culture, cartoons, and sports. There are some pretty epic Kobe commemorative pins, as well as Nipsey Hussle veladora pins, baby cortez’s, futbol jerseys and vato Super Mario Bros just to name a few.



These pinmasters cover a wide variety of genres. There are the basics like Mexican candy, chanclas, and Vicente Fernandez. But they mix it up with Rage Against the Machine, AOC, and funny takes on famous artwork like La chilidrina as Banksy’s “Girl With Balloon” or Chapulin and Chavo Del Ocho as Frida’s famous painting “The Two Fridas.”


The Pinkskis

The Pinkskis make somewhat random pins but with a Mexican twist. Candy hearts, tacos, little modelo 6-packs, chanclas, just to name a few. They’ve also got Mexican expressions like “ponte las pilas,” “hay frijoles en la casa,” and lesser said expressions like “gets horney in Spanish.”


Helen Vasquez aka @xocafecito

Helen Vasquez’s shop Xo Cafecito is a combo of pins stickers and mugs with original designs. But the pins are what really caught my eye. The papel picado with chingona in the middle is adorbs. And also has various other pins that pay homage to things like cafe con leche, pan dulce, and tacos.


Part Time Works

This IG is a colorful array of really fun pop culture pins. They’ve got Bad Bunny, La Dona, Cantinflas, Chalino, but also Jblavin as the Divalin character. You’ll also find classic characters in new scenarios like Pikachu holding a concha or Stitch with ‘el cucuy’ written overhead in scary style font. The designs are really fun and creative.


El Notorious PIN

This pin shop features some really great Southern California and LA specific pins. For example, there’s a #1 from In-In-Out pin, as well as Randy’s Doughnuts and the Staples Center. They also do a mashup of 90’s hip hop and pokemon nostalgia in the form of rappers as Pokemon which is both weird and hilarious. And for all the gamers who love throwback consoles, they also have a GameCube controller, Sega Gamegear, and an N64 box pin.



This insta page is more of an aggregate of pins but does include some original pins like Miss Piggy as “Slave 4 U” Britney Spears. Through them you’ll be able to find a wide variety of pins such as “Mean Ghouls,” which is The Plastics covered with a sheet and Regina George with her boob holes cut out. There is also Goofy and Mickey Mouse beating up Homer Simpson. So you really get the full spectrum of possibilities.



Some people are really into miniatures– I am some people. Some people is me! So if you’re like me, mini things are the cutest and wearing mini things makes you feel cuter by association. Mexicharms makes the cutest charms and pins. Mickey Mouse concha, Frida heads, baby Yoda, pan dulce, avocados, and hot cheetos. It’s what your jean jacket requires!




Who would win in a fight between Reptar from Rugrats and Donkey Kong? Or what if Krusty the Clown got a job as Ronald McDonald? Okyro is a digital artists who dares you to imagine your favorite 80’s and 90’s characters in different scenarios. There are Pebbles and Bam Bam as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Their IG is also a good amount of original artwork that’s really fun like firefighter Donald Duck using Squirrel Pokemon as a hose and my personal favorite Doc from Snow White fitted in Dodgers blue throwing up LA.


The Pincheys

If you were really bummed because you can’t find a Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre or Zoolander inspired pins? The Pincheys got you! They have a great collection of your favorite 80’s, 90’s , early 2000’s nostalgia. My personal favorites are El Eskeleto and Zoolander in his mining uniform. They’ve also got classics like La Chilindrina and Chavo Del Ocho.



In case you didn’t know, Kawaii is the Japanese word describing the culture of cuteness. For example, Sanrio definitely falls into this category. MexiKawaii is just that, the culture of cuteness with a Mexican twist. How does that work? You might ask. Well it’s like Kuzco from The Emporers New Groove as a multicolored llama piñata. Or Totoro in papel picado. She’s also got tees with Bob’s Burgers as the Chavo Del Ocho cast and it’s adorable!


The Pin Mix


If you’re looking for an assortment of different pins The Pin Mix is just that– a mix of pins. Mostly things like your favorite female musicians, zodiac constellations, Home Alone, and musical instruments. It’s great for those of us who like to fill our fanny packs with strong women like Celia Cruz, Selena, Cardi B, Aaliyah, Soraya Montenegro and more.



TWNPNS is a Mexico based pin creator who focuses mostly on pop-culture references from the 90’s through today. They’ve got Game of Thrones pins, Rupal, Alf, Britany Spears with a half-shaved head, Bad Bunny, and Juan Gabriel. They also make some really cute Valentines and bandanas.


Hot Sundae


This shop has got some really cute and creative 90’s inspired pins. But her shop isn’t limited to pins, she’s also got scrunchies, hair clips, sunglasses, stickers, and patches! The most popular being her sarape head wraps. But my all-time favorite from Hot Sundae are the Romeo + Juliette inspired pins. There are also some cute Beyonce and Selena pins!


Uncommon Nonsense

If you love, love, love cute and colorful this account is the one for you. Uncommon Nonsense serves us Lisa Frank vibes with everything pink and rainbow. And can we talk about this Bruja text with the Barbie font? Adorbs! She’s also got fun mashups like Daenerys Targaryen as Spirited Away. They have pins that make even Pennywise look cute.

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