Latinx Instagram Accounts That Educate and Inform Us on Politics

The 2020 election kept many of us hooked to our phones to stay up to date on the latest news related to the Joe Biden/Donald Trump election in particular

Latinx Political Instagram Accounts

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The 2020 election kept many of us hooked to our phones to stay up to date on the latest news related to the Joe Biden/Donald Trump election in particular.We were being flooded with information pertaining to candidates, issues, and politics in general on our Instagram feeds. Among those who share this information are particular accounts hyperfocused on delivering important political news for Latinxs. They know the issues that effect us the most, the information we need to be empowered with, and are aware of our collective power to change the game in 2020.

In fact, Latinx voters in 2020 are 32 million strong, and if there’s an opportunity to make politics represent and work for us, it’s now. So get educated, get involved and let your voice be heard with help from these politically-themed Latinx Instagram accounts.


There’s a good chance you’ve seen Voto Latino’s content on Instagram considering they have 104K followers. Co-founded by actress Rosario Dawson in 2004, the grassroots political organization is front and center on delivering essential political information to Latinxs. With information on their Instagram page, you can check your voter registration status, register to vote, join their Power Summit, take part in the census, volunteer to be a poll worker, and more.



UnidosUS  is the nation’s largest Latino civil rights organization according to their website, so you know that their Instagram is a good resource for political information geared toward us. Expect updates on not only politics but health issues related to the Latinx community and talks with Latinx leaders.



The Latino Community Foundation mission is focused on the civic and economic power the Latinx community has in the U.S. and harnessing that to further empower the communtiy. Part of how they do this is by sharing the top issues for Latinos and creating events like Mujeres & Politics, and reminding Latinxs to vote.



Latino Decisions’ Instagram account describes itself as the leader in Latino political opinion research so you can expect a deep-dive into information specifically about politics. Their research, which is accessible on their website, is so highly regarded they were hired by both the Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden campaigns for their respective presidential runs.



Latino Victory, co-founded by Eva Longoria and Henry R Muñoz III, aims to grow Latinx power by working toward getting Latinx officials elected. If you head on over to their Instagram page, you will learn about state candidates; watch community conversations with Latinx elected officials, celebs, and journalists.wp_*posts


Poder Latinx is dedicated to creating an inclusive democracy that allows for people of color to have a voice. Their website includes an issues section broken down into three categories: climate, economic, and immigrant, and their views on each issue. They also host events and have a Poderosa fellowship aimed at building the Latina electorate.



With a focus on Texas Latinas, but with information that can help all Latinx voters, Latina Vote is dedicated to growing the number of Latinas who vote across the U.S.



Somos Latinas. Somos progressive. Somos unapologetic. These are the words behind Latinas en Marcha. This Latinx Instagram account posts and reposts content that’s related to advocacy for POC and the Indigenous community related to social justice and political representation.



Aqui Se Vota! is dedicated to getting Latinxs in Arizona to vote and their Instagram also has online community events focusing on voting featuring Latinx celebs. They post mainly in Spanish and provide all the necessary information to get involved in the voting process.



¡Votamos – We Vote! is dedicated to harnessing the power of 32 million Latinx voters. They provide on how to support fair working conditions for agricultural workers, has a special number to text to register to vote, shares key facts like that there are 19 million unregistered Latinx voters in the U.S.



LatinxVote  is “a group of citizens from Sarasota and Manatee counties in Florida, trying to motivate our community to participate and vote.” But voters everywhere can learn from their Instagram account. They share information on policies, politicians and major news events that people need to know about related to politics.

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