15 Reality Shows We’d Create Around Latinxs

Reality shows are everywhere. It seems like slices of life programs are more popular than ever, with a show for practically every situation. However, we are seriously lacking in Latinx reality shows. This made us think, what reality shows would be like to see that focus on our community and the Latino experience?

We did some brainstorming and came up with 15 Latinx reality shows that would totally rule and that we’d want to see on a regular basis. Hopefully, some producers are reading this right now and can get the ball rolling! Because, as annoying, scripted, and outrageous as a lot of reality shows can be, we need more representation on television — including in the real world. And these show ideas highlight our culture, instead of perpetuating stereotypes and tearing us down. We would definitely tune into uplifting Latinx TV!




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