24 Latinx Shows and Movies You Can Stream Online Right Now

Photo: Amazon

Streaming television shows and films online is the way that many people get their entertainment these days. All you have to do is press a button and you’re automatically connected to the latest TV programs, documentaries, films, and more. It’s definitely a great way to unwind after work or on the weekends with a cozy cobija San Marcos on the couch.

The problem is that there are so many cool productions currently available that you might actually fall asleep before you even choose something to watch! And what if you want to watch a show or movie that is Latinx? That is a whole other problem! Which streaming platforms have Latinx productions and what are their offerings? And which ones are worth tuning into? Well, we did some online research and found some Latinx-themed shows and films on both Netflix and Amazon Prime that you will definitely want to add to your watchlist. Check them out!




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