Latinxs Representing in Upcoming Superhero Films

The DC Universe and Marvel are adding Latinx talent to upcoming productions—in front and behind the screen

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Latinx representation in film is important to discuss as the Latinx is often left out of major motion pictures. The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative—examining 1,600 films from 2007-2022—found that only 4.4 percent of all leads/co leads were Latino. This is not just limited to actors, the percentages of Latinxs working behind the camera are also indicative of the lack of Latinx representation, with only three-percent of producers across those 1,600 films being Latinxs and less than one-percent being Latinas. For Latinx superheroes in film, only recently have we seen more Latinxs on the big screen—in Spider-Man: Across the Universe, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Blue Beetle just this past summer. Joining the likes of Miles Morales (Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse) and Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle), the DC Universe and Marvel are adding Latinx talent to upcoming productions—in front and behind the screen.

The DC Universe is currently in production with two upcoming projects: Superman: Legacy and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. For the former, Venezuelan actress and singer María Gabriela de Faría is set to play Angela Spica, also known as The Engineer, Comicbook reported. The former star of Nickelodeon Latin America’s successful television series, Grachi, will play an antagonist in this film who is a member of The Authority who will also have their own DC film.

For the latter, Brazilian-American actress and playwright, Ana Nogueira, will be writing the script for the upcoming Supergirl film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. What at first was supposed to be a spin-off of The Flash is now a standalone film on Superman’s cousin. While she’s now making waves as screenwriter, Nogueira is also known for playing Penny Ares on The Vampire Diaries and for being the original Eliza Schuyler in the 2013 Vassar workshop of Hamilton—one of the earliest versions of the lauded musical production from Lin-Manuel Miranda.

And we may also get another actor to join the small but mighty list of Latinos playing iconic super heroes. Everyone’s favorite, Pedro Pascal, is reportedly in talks to play Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic, in a new, upcoming Fantastic Four film. The actor, who has been taking over the world with his role in HBO’s The Last of Us and recent, and popular, appearances on Saturday Night Live may soon be making his way over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

These recent developments in new Latinx representation, in front and behind the screen, are beyond exciting especially in a reality of Latinx-starring or centered films and television series being canceled. With the shelving of Warner Bros/DC’s Batgirl starring Dominican American singer/actress  Leslie Grace as the first Afro-Latina to play the role last year, we hope these projects thrive and have the opportunity to be seen by audiences all over.

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