Learn Spanish in 30 Minutes With These Cute Videos

For learn something new, I chose something that lots of U

Photo: Unsplash/@jontyson

Photo: Unsplash/@jontyson

For learn something new, I chose something that lots of U.S.-born Latinas struggle with: Speaking Spanish. I was lucky because my abuelita lived with us growing up and though she totally understood English (and probably spoke it fluently and just messed with me) she refused to speak to any of us kids in anything but Spanish. I’m so grateful for that base because it made it way easier for me to build on my language skills when I was older and feel head over heels in love with Latin American literature.

Ever since I moved from NYC to Los Angeles I speak Spanish quite a bit, but more importantly I had a son who I’m determined to raise bilingually. Right now he speaks and understands Spanish a bit better than English because my husband and I really make an effort to speak to him in Spanish almost all the time. In daycare he gets about 50% Spanish (one of his teachers is a native Spanish speaker) and 50% English so he’s definitely exposed to both languages.

For lots of us Latinas here in the U.S. it’s hard to hold onto Spanish, especially if you don’t live somewhere with lots of other Latinos or if your parents tried to avoid speaking Spanish to you growing up because they thought it would be easier for you to “blend in” if you spoke only English. What I’ve learned is that Spanish language videos for kids are an awesome way for both toddlers AND adults to learn and practice the language. In this adorable 30-minute compilation you’ll learn everything from numbers to the alphabet to seasons, body parts, and clothes.

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