Photo: Unsplash/@adamkring

How to Change a Tire in Less Than 5 Minutes

For learn something new Sunday this week, we’re highlighting a seriously hilarious video from Youtubers Something Fishy. They are a comedic duo who started a series called “A Woman’s Guide To” which highlights all the B.S. we as women go through when trying to learn how to do stuff that’s traditionally a “man’s job.” They’re most successful video to date is all about how to change your tire if you ever find yourself dealing with a blowout or a flat while out and about, you know, without a man to rescue you (insert sarcasm).

The best part though is that in the process of getting some quality laughs, you’ll ALSO really be learning how to change your tire, which is something EVERYONE should know how to do! So today, sit back, relax and take 5 minutes to learn something new!