Lemon-Aid: 5 Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

From salad dressings to pies, lemons are a popular ingredient in all sorts of recipes

Photo: Unsplash/@ralphmayhew

Photo: Unsplash/@ralphmayhew

From salad dressings to pies, lemons are a popular ingredient in all sorts of recipes. However, people don’t always realize what they’re missing out on: the benefits of lemon essential oil! That’s right – lemons can offer us more than just juice and zest. According to experts in the nutritional field, this citris’ essential oil has tons of untapped potential. Read on to discover five of its creative uses.


If you’re experiencing issues with digestion, lemon essential oil just may be the solution you’ve been seeking. Each morning, stir a few drops of oil into a cup of hot filtered water. This beverage is more than just refreshing: it’ll help your organs filter out toxins and improve liver and gallbladder function, which will have a positive effect on your digestive process.

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As an ingredient in DIY cleaning solutions, lemon essential oil works wonders. Blend it with white vinegar and use the fresh-smelling mixture to clean windows and countertops. It’s not as harsh as the chemical agents found in store-bought cleaning solutions, and it’s safe to use around animals and kids. Move over, ammonia!

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Lemon essential oil is often used in aromatherapy treatments. The fresh scent of lemon has been known to help alleviate mental health issues like anxiety and stress, promote weight loss, and improve moods.

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As an organic alternative to scented detergents if you prefer to use unscented, try adding a few drops of lemon essential oil to the wash cycle next time you do your laundry. You’ll have fresher, cleaner-smelling sheets and clothes in no time!

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Not just a digestive aid, lemon is a natural disinfectant. Add lemon essential oil and honey to hot tea for a commonly effective household cold remedy. It helps lessen sore throat and cough symptoms.

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