Two Brothers Sell Lemonade for Children at the Border

People are tired of seeing how our government is treating people at the border and inside detention centers

Photo: Unsplash/@franhotchin

Photo: Unsplash/@franhotchin

People are tired of seeing how our government is treating people at the border and inside detention centers. They’re saying enough is enough by protesting nationwide, by calling their senators, and by donating to charities that help undocumented people. It’s easy to feel hopeless about the situation, but being proactive helps that feeling of discouragement. That’s what two young brothers decided to do — take action for the people that are in crisis.

The story of Ben and Carter Wilson, 10 and 8, who live in Overland Park in Kansas City, went viral this weekend because they decided to put a lemonade stand and raise money for the children suffering at the border. Their sign read: “Lemonade: All proceeds go to kids at the border.”

“We are just selling lemonade to people for $1 each, and all the money that would be made from it would go to kids at the border,” Ben told Kansas City Star. Their dad, John Wilson, said his kids were moved to take action after seeing the devastating images on the news, and he supported them in whatever they wanted to do for these children.

“They thought they would want to do something to help,” John told the publication. “So, my wife and I started looking online of things that we could try and do to just help what’s happening at the border during this time,”

John adds that while they wanted to help, they also wanted to do something fun during the summer, so a lemonade stand worked out perfectly. He said his sons had done it before to raise money for other causes. This time, their objective is getting a lot of attention.

They’re not the only ones taking action in this way. Others are also hosting their own lemonade stand, or selling clothes and donating their proceeds to RAICES — an organization that helps undocumented people at the border.

“When people need help, you should help them,” John said.

If only all parents felt that this way about people less fortunate than them. That is a good dad right there. They chose to give their donations to an organization called Kind, which helps asylum-seeking children have legal representation in court.

“I just hope they can have a normal life in America and they shouldn’t be separated from their parents,” Ben said.

Click here for more information on how you can help people in need at the border.

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