10 Educational LGBTQIA Latinx TikToks You Need to Watch

LGBTQIA Latinx icons and activists like Sylvia Rivera were leaders in the movement for equal rights and now with the advent of social media the younger generation is using these platforms to advocate and educate


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LGBTQIA Latinx icons and activists like Sylvia Rivera were leaders in the movement for equal rights and now with the advent of social media the younger generation is using these platforms to advocate and educate. More than one in five Latinx millennials identify as LGBTQ, according to a 2018 GenForward Survey project at the University of Chicago. That’s not even taking into account the amount of people during the pandemic who did their sexuality and/or gender soul searching and have come out with a better understanding of themselves. The most recent Gallup report found that 5.6 percent of U.S. adults now identify as LGBT indicating an increase from 2017 when it was 4.5 percent.  The lucha for equality education is going to be one the best tools in your pocket and with the rise of Gen Z spending time on social media platforms like TikTok what better way to kickstart the work? We’ve gathered some of our faves spanning queer joy to taking on the emotional labor of advocacy that can help you along in your journey.

Learn to Mind Your Own Business


It’s wayyyy too common. Like come on, do better!

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While TikToker @malibu__mel typically focuses on self love and care for the girls, gays and theys- they also remind you to push further in your advocacy and to mind your own business when it comes to others identities.


Why Latine/Latinx Are Preferred by the LGBTQIA Community


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There’s not a day that goes by when people question TikTokers over their usage of the word Latine/x because it “isn’t true Spanish” and @theonlybaggio has something to say about it. In one minute they break down the history and importance of the words as far as inclusivity and evolution of the language.


Queer Representation in Media Matters


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Queer media isn’t perfect yet but the representation shows like RuPaul have done for the queer community are important. Queerness and representation in the media is something that we’ve been fighting for for a long time and tiktoker @sam_antics kicks into overdrive tackling queer tropes in media before expanding into her series engaging with media critically.


How to Advocate for Trans Youth


When it comes to politics and the LGBTQIA community, it’s can be hard to keep track of all the policies that affect them. That’s where TikToker @alluringskulls does a really good job at keeping you ahead of the times. With a large majority of Gen Z and Millennials getting their news from social media the bitesize nature of TikTok helps. They focus a lot on marginalized communities and keep you up to date with queer current events.


Pronouns Matter and Media Should Do Better


Congrats @ddlovato ! And for Spanish media? Here are some notes from the Spanish speaking Trans/Non Binary community. Shirt from @saboralibertad

♬ original sound – Vico_Ortiz

With language constantly expanding to be more inclusive it’s important to take a step back and practice it. Recently Demi Lovato came out as non-binary and @vico_ortiz points out the lack of care in various articles in Spanish when it comes to the proper pronouns. Lovato goes by they/them pronouns and @vico_ortiz points out how some publications wrote “she now goes by they/ them pronouns.” Vico’s inclusive language in both english and Spanish will help get you in the habit of moving toward an inclusive language.


Trans Actors Should Be the Ones Cast to Tell Trans Stories


TikToker @themostbread points out why queer representation in media is lacking and why it’s important for trans characters to be played by trans actors. They give an example using Eddie Redmayne’s character in The Danish Girl  and how despite playing a trans woman he’s a cis straight man who is not part of that world in real life. She brings up the point that trans actors struggle to get roles and yet straight actors are cast to play trans roles.


What Makes Up Gender Identity


reposting b/c this is a really good video and more people should ask me gender questions #transtok #alphabetmafia🌈

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Gender identity is a social construct but how important is society and culture to your own development and perception of it? @angstychisme understood the assignment and provided a lesson plan with questions to help guide you through gender identity.


Aromantic Asexual Struggles


Aroace (aromantic asexual) representation and equality is rarely talked about let alone covered in media. The problems that affect Aroace folks are therefore not truly known or discussed and @aroacewithbadknees brings up a good list of things that the community struggles with affordable housing and healthcare visitation among other issues. wp_*posts

Protecting Yourself is Key


Lastly we have @ugrunna who is both Iñupiaq and chicana- Is quick to remind you that while you can be polite you owe it to yourself to be strong and stand up for yourself. That boundaries are super important to your identity and that’s okay. Typically she speaks on Native American issues but like most intersectional concepts the cross-section of being indigenous and Latine and queer happens more than you realize.


Trans Activists of Color Paved the Way


So grateful for them both❤️ #marshapjohnson #sylviarivera #lgbtq #history #pride

♬ Olivia is queen – Colosika

TikToker @iamchloemartinez reminds everyone that trans women Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera were one of the leaders of the LGBTQIA movement. They were pioneers for trans rights and remain one of the most prominent trans figures and icons of the movement.

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