Lin-Manuel Miranda Could Possibly Be Creating a Disney Latina Princess

Disney is looking for a Latina princess, and they’re requesting the help of Lin-Manuel Miranda

Photo: Unsplash/@sushioutlaw

Photo: Unsplash/@sushioutlaw

Disney is looking for a Latina princess, and they’re requesting the help of Lin-Manuel Miranda. The New York Post is reporting that Disney is aiming to make a sequel to Moana, but it won’t be the standard follow up to the hit movie about our beloved Hawaiian adventurous teen girl.

Lin-Manuel’s father, Luis Miranda, told the publication that his son is “talking to Disney about a sequel to Moana, but the movie would be about a Latina princess.” We’re hoping this is true, but Disney — or anyone else — has yet to confirm this fantastic potential development.

You may be wondering why they’d ask Lin-Manuel for help in creating a Latina princess, but the two giants do have a good working relationship. Lin-Manuel co-wrote the music for Moana, that included favorite songs such as “How Far I’ll Go” and “You’re Welcome.” He’s also co-starred in Mary Poppins Returns alongside Emily Blunt.

If Disney does create another Latina princess — which we desperately need because the more representation, the better — we’re sure that Lin-Manuel wouldn’t be the only one making the calls. If the film process is anything like Pixar’s Coco, and we hope it is, a lot of minds should go into the project. One person cannot decide her entire portrayal because countless little girls will admire this princess for years to come.

Disney, by the way, already has a Latina princess in Princess Elena of Avalor, though she has only appeared on the Disney channel. A Latina princess on the big screen is entirely another thing that would have a more prominent profile. We’re curious to see how a Moana sequel will introduce a Latina princess. More so, we’re wondering why this Latina princess can’t have a movie all on her own without being tied into another Disney movie, plot, and character. She deserves to stand on her own.

People on social media reacted to the news by reminding The Post that Disney already has a Latina princess, while others were eager to have Camila Cabello play the character of the Latina princess. If Disney executives are reading this post, please take our advice: Yes, hire Lin-Manuel, but also hire Latinas to consult on this project. Also, look to Coco for direction, because it took them years to figure out how to get Day of the Dead right, and in the end it was perfect. So please do not rush this.

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