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Lin-Manuel Miranda is Hyped Over the Cast of New ‘In the Heights’ Film

We’ve been hearing about the In The Heights movie, inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-award winning Broadway hit for months now and we’re excited to finally hear some progress has been made regarding the film’s main characters. In fact, Miranda himself recently made a special announcement, sharing the movie’s cast list on Twitter and we couldn’t be more excited. 

Back in October, we learned that the In The Heights movie was going to star Hamilton alum, Anthony Ramos. The 26-year-old actor actually played dual roles in Hamilton, originating both the parts of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in 2015. He also appeared in the Oscar-winning film A Star Is Born. But he’s not the only talented actor in this new film. The list of talent Miranda recently confirmed is straight up fire!

One star we could look forward to seeing in the film is Melissa Barrera, who you might recognize as Lyn from Vida. She sets to play Vanessa, Usnavi’s love interest. Another talented Latina we’re excited to learn will be taking a role in this project is Dominican-American actress Leslie Grace, who plays Nina, a young Latina who makes it out of Washington Heights and is the first person to go to college but struggles to stay in school. She’s also Benny’s love interest. Benny (who is the only non-Latino character) will actually be played by The Walking Dead and BlacKkKlansman actor Corey Hawkins. As for how Miranda is feeling about the film’s new cast — he’s pretty darn thrilled.

“I’m really excited,” he told NBC News. “I’m in love with this cast. I can’t wait for you to know who they are.”

What’s particularly exciting about the new film is how it’s created an opportunity to showcase up and coming actors of color. It’s the representation we desperately need.

“I really think we’ve achieved a great mix of people you’ve never heard of and people you’ve loved all your life,” Miranda said. “Like Melissa, like Anthony, like Leslie Grace, who people know her music but she’s an incredible actress, which I learned when she walked in the room to audition.”

As for when we can expect for this film to come out — soon. In fact, Miranda tweeted that filming begins this summer — which is technically only a few months away.

We film this summer. Uptown. Right here In The Heights … More soon!” Miranda tweeted.

Variety reported that the film will be released on June 26, 2020, and you better believe we’re marking our calendars!