Lin-Manuel Miranda & Wife Vanessa Expecting Baby Number 2—and Fans Rejoice!

After yet another GRAMMY nomination last week, Lin-Manuel Miranda has another reason to celebrate

Photo: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

Photo: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

After yet another GRAMMY nomination last week, Lin-Manuel Miranda has another reason to celebrate. The Hamilton creator and Moana songwriter is about to have baby number two with wife Vanessa Nadal!

According to Billboard, the Puerto Rican star and lawyer/scientist were seen on the red carpet for last night’s London Evening Standard Theatre Awards, where Nadal was wearing a gorgeous embellished floral gown while clearly rocking a baby bump. After Miranda retweeted a photo of himself with the hashtag #BitOfANight and a fan asked if V (his often-used social media shorthand nickname for wife Vanessa) is expecting, he wrote back with a simple “Oh hell yeah.”

The family of three seem to be rejoicing at the news, although they did keep it secret for quite a while. As the congratulations began to pour in, Lin-Manuel even shared that his son Sebastian is really excited to be a big brother. And why shouldn’t he be?! The growing family is sure to have a busy 2018 with the premiere of Mary Poppins Returns and casting for the January 2019 opening of Hamilton in Puerto Rico.

And fans, of course, are rejoicing on Twitter over the glorious news.

Congratulations, indeed!

She’s definitely got a gorgeous glow!

100% behind this statement.

Ahh, someone figured it out before the rest of us!

Of course, some of us still have questions…

And some of us are making name suggestions.

Obviously, using a Lin GIF to show off your joy is totally appropriate.

Ah yes, we’re ALL going to have to… wait for it.

Some people shared that it’s difficult to be a big brother sometimes. Fortunately, Sebastian seems excited about the news.

Mostly, though, the fans were thrilled at the news. Hooray!

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